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@PC_Principal said:
Yea they're still the best. Not the cheapest but the best. The servers you get at some cheaper providers are just laggy because too many people are on 1 physical server that's why they're cheap.

You're not getting my point. They are not a host, they are a reseller providing a frontend. A popular game should ideally not run through a middle man like that. I'm pretty sure Gportal uses mostly OVH which cost a fraction of what they resell it for. I also highly doubt they need the management tools Gportal is built for.

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Yea well I think OVH isn't cheap either but very good aswell so it would make total sense G-Portal uses OVH Server.
Anyway, I think they just want some experienced people on their side who hosted servers for many different games.
Imagine doing all the work yourself...

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  • 6 Jul

I didn't realize that this thread was open to replies, but here's a thread on price comparisons for servers:

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Citadel Servers is cheap, you can get a 10 slot mordhau game server for $7.30 !

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Can you add our link to available server providers in Germany and Moscow please

Germany https:/

Moscow https:/

Thank you.