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Make the block hitbox smaller

Knight 106 188
  • 14 Sep '17

@Monsteri said:

@Havoc said:
Yeah, the parry skill ceiling is a bit low atm and results in a stall that can usually only be broken by feinting or gambling.

Are you using any of the following techniques? Dragging, acceleration, side strafing, z-stabs, riposte kicks, chambers, offensive morphs, chamber morphs, chamber drags/accels, fakeouts... riposte feints, chamber feints, chamber morph feints, feint to parry? All of those can be combined and mixed up. Slow duels are usually just lack of player skill.


I pretty much have been spamming the one or two moves I've got to grips with and get annihilated when trying something new. Morph, attack, pause, morph, attack, repeat seems to work while everyone is noob, but defence timing and distance is what I am keen to improve on first. Though I've only got 5 or 6 in game hours so far so I definitely need more time.

Pretty sure most opponents are the same plus the occasional lmb spammer which is funny.

Would love it if some one broke down your list and produced a guide on attack techniques and combinations, but thats likely far to advanced for anyone who only just got access.

Knight 5410 7408
  • 14 Sep '17
 Humble Staff

@CrimsonKing said:
In my opinion it's still too early for this kind of feedback.
Let the alpha run for a few weeks before any "balance" suggestions.

This people, don't be me.
We should wait for a bit, we are all excited to be part of the testing of Mordhau and are very eager to give feedback but we also have to hold our asses to give actual propper feedback.

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  • 11 May '19

Better not make any suggestions! the alpha cucks will just tell you to git gud

Knight 1388 3163
  • 11 May '19

big benis

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  • 11 May '19

Why necro