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tbh am I the only one who is pissed Jorah and Theon died? Seems like they were trying to do this development with them for a while and just kinda threw it away on some cheapass deaths.

Tbh going to be disappointed if Jon/Dany win the game and get crowned at the end. I don't read the novels but I doubt this is the direction that R. R. Martin is taking. Show started off as a shocker and is slowly getting really really vanilla in my eyes

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@Bodkin said:

Ask again in the 'last episode of GOT sucked' thread if you want my 2 cents. Don't want to derail this topic and spoil everyone in the process.

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Captain Bernard from KC:DCptBernard.jpg

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One night I will steal that helmet from you during your sleep.

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clipping with the heavy bevor :))

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Holy fucking tits thats the best looking set i have ever seen

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so I guess that's the answer to "plumes IF"

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"Hey, Henry's come to see us!"

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How do you guys make your faces so warped like that? Is there anyway to do that to just the hair? I want a LONG hair guy. The "long hair' in this is a joke, doesn't even touch the shoulders.

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new revision showing the devs some love

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My two new boyyos - I prefer aesthetics to effectiveness btw

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@NaziDoge said:
I prefer aesthetics to effectiveness btw


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