The Mordhau Alpha is out!

If you have backed the game on Kickstarter or bought it on our shop, check your e-mail for a message from us. You will have to create an account and confirm your purchase, then head over to your purchases to redeem the Steam key.

Mordhau Alpha Launch

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  • 12 Sep
 marox — Project Lead

It's here! The purpose of this Alpha is to ensure the stability of the game and its server infrastructure, as well as testing the functionality and synergies between all the game mechanics. Balancing is not a big concern to us at the moment and will be addressed once we have finalized our proficiency and perk system, which will follow in a future update, along with other features that we're currently holding back while they're being worked on. Please keep in mind that this is an early alpha version of the game, bugs and broken things are to be expected.

To compensate for the lack of an ingame tutorial in this early stage, it's highly recommended that you read carefully through the controls menu and try things out in a local match before jumping into multiplayer -- there are some extremely skilled players with thousands of hours in melee games who are eager to fight and won't hold back.

Also, check out this great tutorial made by community member Jax:

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How do we get our alpha keys? I have yet to receive a key in my email. I also linked my steam account but I don't see anything showing up on steam

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  • 12 Sep


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  • 12 Sep

Awesome! Looking forward to it. Thanks for the hard work.

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  • 12 Sep

How large was the download?

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  • 12 Sep

@JoBe said:
How large was the download?

3.1 gb

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@JoBe said:
How large was the download?


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Thanks, marox! Hopefully I will find myself with a key soon

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Trying to sit still at work...

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7.5 Hours until Mordhau.

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  • 12 Sep

Downloading Intensifies

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  • 12 Sep

Fucken sweet!

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  • 12 Sep

So few comments. All captivated by the game. Soon no more.