Mordhau Alpha Launches 12th September, 18:00 UTC

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  • 11 Sep
 marox — Project Lead

It's almost here folks, and yes, that's 2017, we're not delaying it by another year. We will unlock Steam keys tomorrow by the specified time, which will then appear in your forum account, and you'll then be able to activate them on Steam. If you haven't activated your purchase on our forums yet, go ahead and do that (we've sent out emails with the activation link some time ago!)

We can't wait to have you guys get your hands on what we've been working on (and what you've been waiting) for so long. See you guys tomorrow!

PS: regarding the recent outbursts on the forums.

The situation on the forums has been, well, rather tense the past few days. We made some decisions that clearly riled parts of the community up. If we were to do it again, we'd have handled it differently for sure. We've been working day and night to make sure everything in the alpha is working correctly, and that it has as much content as we can reasonably put into it at this point.

If you've been following us for a while, you know we tend to obsess over details and nothing is ever good enough. This remains true even for an alpha, and will remain true in the future. It's simply how we operate as a team. Unfortunately, everything has its downsides, and it sometimes costs us foresight when it comes to other aspects, like keeping you informed of our on-the-spot decisions, or being able to stay true to deadlines. That said, we think you'll love it. And ultimately, that's really why I think we're all here. Thanks for your patience and support, we'd never have made it without you.

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Praise be

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God be praised

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Praise Marox

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 Sir Zombie


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No one cares

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Nice! Let's do it guys! Tommorow!

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Ooo shit whaddup

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Open the floodgates.

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Amazing :)

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Fuck yeees!

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Could you please comment on how big the build will be in terms of file size?

I'd like to clear a bunch of disk space in advance.