Alpha Feedback and Suggestions Thread

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  • 13 Sep '17

UX, menus:

The font used inside the Settings menu could use more weight so that each letter's outline is more clearly defined. Right now the text outline is so crisp it's makes it hard to read at first glance (23" @1920x1080 monitor):

UX, Armory:

  • The huge amount of loadout options is great, but it can be a little overwhelming. If "thumbnails" were to be implemented, it may make things far easier. If not, at least make it so you can use your UP / DOWN arrows to quickly cycle through all the armor / part items, because right now you need to open up the menu, pick one, click on it and repeat everytime you want to try the different components.

  • Would be nice if the UI automatically zoomed in at an appropriate distance on the part you are customizing. For example, if you're changing the blade/tip on a Spear, you can only zoom out to see the whole weapon, and the UI obscures a bit of the tip..

  • Loadout colors and hues definitely needs some polishing. There are like dozens of "white" looking hues that make your armor look a lot different. There are also some colors you can pick for some parts but none of this is reflected on the armor (happens mostly with each individual part of a Heavy/Plate armor). There's also some armor parts that have 2 possible colors but only one of them is actually reflected on the model (like the Landskenetch's arm parts which is always <picked color> + white).

FFA / Deathmatch

Add a little message or notification when the match is close to reaching its end (due to time running out or one player getting the top score. This may apply to other modes as well.

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  • 13 Sep '17

Option to disable crosshair, without disabling whole HUD.

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  • 13 Sep '17

Congrats on the Alpha guys, I was an avid chiv player, but I stopped playing it because of how sluggish, choppy, and glitchy it became. You guys did an incredible job, this game runs extremely well! And plays smooth too.

Heres some QOL improvements that will help the game dramatically:

  • Change armor peice to whats hovered in Armory
    Instead of clicking every peice to see whats available, just hover it to see how it looks on your character.

  • Welcome screen for veterans of older melee games
    It's kind of hard to explain, but its basically a welcome screen, asking you what previous game you played. It sets up the controls to be simmilar to that game. This idea came from Dota 2, heres a pic if you dont know what I mean.

  • Character preview when switching classes ingame
    Just convienent to see which character you picked. People don't remember names as much as they remember how their character looked.

Also reverse overheads are still possible (Although much harder to hit with), seems like its easier to hit the block hitbox with it than a player though. Most of the time I either get blocked or just miss.

Some questions:

  • Are you guys gonna make the characters eyes not look so dead? Kinda bothers me!
  • Will the animations be more polished? They are readable, but sometimes they blend together extremely well and make it hard to read (Sometimes)

Good job so far guys, cant wait to see whats coming next!

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  • 13 Sep '17


  • When selecting armor, it may be better for armor to appear on a character by mousing over its name in the dropdown instead of having to click first, and then clicking to confirm.
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  • 13 Sep '17
 Ruby Rhoderick

Server Browser

  • Please add a queue to join full server. It's frustrating that I have to load into a game to determine whether or not it is full.
  • There doesn't appear to be a way to favorite servers despite there being a tab for it.
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  • 13 Sep '17


-I suggest to add a "general view" option in the Armoury, which allow the player to see the character wearing the armour and holding the weapon.

-It is quite weird that the top-right panel shows text like "A longsword B", as longsword is not a verb.

-please change the anim of 2h polearms when stabbing from the right side, it is strange to do a single-handed stab with such a heavy weapon.

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  • 13 Sep '17
  • Make local config and save data more accessible (it's stored in %appdata%\Mordhau\etc)

  • Add a "randomize" loadout to try new stuff more easily. Maybe have a "Randomize" button for armor only, and another one for the other customization options.

  • Add scars to face sculpting!

  • It's hard to tell who's on which team, esp when Blue plate gets all bloody, and this occurs at long or short distances. At a distance is near impossible if they're not wearing a shield or a tabard with bright colors, so having to point at them with your crosshair to read their nickname breaks the immersion a little. This is more noticeable in The Pit, so it might have to do with lighting.

  • In DM and TDM, short respawn times are very sweet because everyone likes jumping right back at the action after they get killed. The problem is it leaves out the gruesomeness of 1P death cam because you only get to see it for 5 seconds and sometimes even less (there's a fadeout transition before you respawn). Maybe increase the respawn delay a couple of seconds for more impact after getting killed.

  • Add some sort of warning when you're causing team damage / team kills.

  • Since everyone will probably have 9001 loadouts in the course of their playtime and the names will begin to get confusing soon, it might be nice to add that loadout's character to the background when you're customizing your weaponry. This would work as a reference so you know what weapons that specific dude will be carrying not just based on one of the 9001 loadout names. I pictured something like this: . That character could even be sitting in a different pose (like the squatting emote).

(I'm fully aware this 'extra touch' is convenient mostly for non OCD ridden people only)

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  • 13 Sep '17

Please make the names longer. I don't want to be "Predator from the Mo".

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Two Suggestions

1. Z Stab - Draggin stab - Shield exploit
Shields have the same problem that in Chivalry. You can beat them dancing with the sword (use stab and changing directions). So it is unrealistic. Maybe when a player atacks you could lower the speed of the character's rotation to avoid dancing players. Do not lower it completely in a swing, because it is possible, but in a stab it would have to be lowered a lot.

If anyone is not understanding, I mean that:

2. Shield block passive
I have tested a lot of medieval fight games, and I like a feature of "Of kings and men". When you have a shield you donot have the need to block if a hit lands on the shield.

EDIT (more suggestions)

3. Free jump
When you jump movement WASD is not blocked, so I can jump to the front and fly back.

4. Dancing players (Like first point)
When you make an atack with a big weapon (no short weapons) or you have a really heavy stuff, make wasd movement keys slowly, to avoid same dancing players.

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  • 13 Sep '17


  • Having dedicated FFA/Team Deathmatch/Skirmish servers, as I felt that when I really wanted to play more FFA, I was thrown into Skirmish shortly after. Not a major issue but would be ideal

Spawn Points in FFA

  • Even now, Chivalry suffers the same issue in it's FFA mode the same as Mordhau does and that is the distance at which you spawn from the enemy, and I found myself spawning or having someone spawned within 5 metres of each other. Of course this is dependent on the map size (16 player Deathmatch on Camp will obviously suffer from spawn point issues due to it's restricted size). I know you can limit player count in Local Play, but could be a suggestion to look at improving spawns on smaller maps for modes such as Deathmatch.

Character Customisation

  • When customising your face, the camera feels way too zoomed in to the face, would be ideal if there was a zoom function when editing your loadout's face appearance.
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Duel like a man. FFA and taunt your rival. EDIT: That was a reply for duel servers, do nott know why is posted like a new one.

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  • 13 Sep '17

Hello guys i am from Czech Republic. I found little things

  1. If i playing i need change keyboard on ENG (keyboard hotkeys dosnt work - CZE)
  2. Some hiding spots/exploits !

    VIDEO HERE - Mordhau Alpha 1 testing - Report video with (def) Marox

Desktop Screenshot 2017.09.13 - Screenshot 2017.09.13 - Screenshot 2017.09.13 - Screenshot 2017.09.13 -

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  • 13 Sep '17

Play some kind of noise whenever someone is spawned in FFA, and make them invulnerable and unable to attack for a second or so. Especially on smaller maps, it often happens that someone spawns either right behind you or right in the middle of a fight between you and someone else.

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  • 13 Sep '17

Shield and Fists

  • In Chivalry: Deadliest Warriors, one thing that feels really bad and clunky to me is what happens when you throw your weapon when you have a shield equipped. In that game, your shield basically just goes into limbo, and is completely unusable until you pick up another weapon. Mordhau has a different problem regarding this: if you try and equip a shield when you have fists equipped, you can...Except you're not allowed to attack. You can block with the shield, but left click does nothing. In fact, you're not even allowed to kick. This feels really weird and bad to me. I wish you could simply use fists like normal when you have a shield equipped.

Fist "Alternate Mode"

  • Just a small cosmetic detail, it'd be cool if pressing the alt mode button had some visual effect when fists are equipped. Like the character cracking their knuckles or punching the palm of their hand. Basically like a flourish for fists.
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  • 13 Sep '17

Please create separate servers for game modes.

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  • 13 Sep '17

@DoubleK said:
When a thrown weapon hits you in the face and it sticks it kinda obstructs your view. That was probably intended but it's annoying and I switch to 3rd person

Drop one of you secondary weapons and you can pull it out of your face with E.

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  • 13 Sep '17


  • Make the chat stay on-screen for a longer time. When someone writes a message, you have one second to view it before it disappears.
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@LuxCandidus said:

  • Make the chat stay on-screen for a longer time. When someone writes a message, you have one second to view it before it disappears.

Or just let us adjust the time we want. I dont like chat spammers so the one second is good for me :)

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  • 13 Sep '17

I said this in first impressions list but thought it probably better to write here and expand a bit also.


  • Let us bind the 'bottom' part of the attack arc. Basically I want to thrust when looking down, really badly. If that 30 degrees is 'free' might be nice to let people bind it to whatever function they would like if possible.
  • Lower the deadzone for swing selection with the mouse or whatever is causing fast, short flicks to not get registered. The usual first complaint when learning this control method is that your view is upset when picking swing direction, have to look left to swing from the left and they are disconcerted. One of the first things people learn is to only move your mouse 1 or 2 pixels left, click, and continue tracking your view direction. As it is right now you need to go a bit farther than you'd want to to get the right swing to come out.


  • Sprint - Please reconsider its implementation. Let me make a case for it.
    Melee combat game, so movement is important. Faster movement means the difference between whiffing as I run to someone and getting hit afterwards or actually reaching them. It also means I can side step or back up from someone's attack better as well. It is a problem if I didn't hold sprint down and didn't step out of the way and instead get hit.

If I'm trying to get somewhere on the map, it usually better to get there faster, hence, holding shift. There are almost no moments in the game when you'd not want to hold sprint down except when trying to regaining stamina. Therefore, I need to be holding shift down the entire match if I want to play effectively. This means a busted pinky finger and uncomfortable play.

At the least, consider an 'always run' toggle and shift would make you walk to regen stamina.

The implementation of running I like best is the one where if you run without attacking, blocking, or getting hit for about 3 seconds you get into sprint mode and stay there until one of the above things happen or you stop moving. You can get from place to place quick this way, engage at full sprint messing with distances, and can even run away if you create enough separation before starting to run, but are screwed if you need to defend yourself or the attacker is on top of you.

Not a huge issue but I feel like it is one of those insidious intangibles that eats at you while playing but falls under your notice until you realize your pinky has gone numb. I think I notice it more as I'm getting older and the hands just sort of start complaining about a lot of things they didn't before.

That's about it for the short amount of time I got to play. Really good on the UX suggestions above too, but I have a feeling you guys have more planned out and can see some of the placeholder locations for future things to go into like the blank portrait section when picking your class out in game.

I also want to +1 the permanent game mode servers and hope for a rough duel mode soon. I really, really want to start understanding how the all the metal rolls around together in this game and it's hard to do that in the melee pit.