Bug Reporting Thread

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Why is this happening why today? Why never any other time What is VAC kick doing

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It’s literally happening as soon as I join a match

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I have no idea what caused this but its overpowered to no end. I was using the longbow, (figured out it only worked for a custom class, not the hunter default class) and in the middle of the match the arrows would just pass through people, annoying! But I realized that the arrows, once in the ground where basically just mines. If you stepped over one of my arrows you would be lit on fire, and I was able to easily kill a whole lot of people with it. I was accused for cheating! (Which I guess is fair) but please fix, it was wildly op and I'm sure its extremely annoying for anyone on the receiving end of it

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Forgot description update

Second wind description in spanish, french and russian, still says it gives 10 extra stamina on successfull hit insted of 3.

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  • 10 Oct

Update on gold/exp not saving:

A server which didn't give me any gold/exp for days gave the match rewards for a game I just played on it now.

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  • 12 Oct

Every time i load in a match my camera is under the ground and it never loads and also even when it loads (rarely) its so laggy

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I'm currently level 67 at 1,905 XP and regardless of how much XP I earn the next match, it resets back to 1,905. Super annoying as I'm so close to getting the black armour tint and i've been stuck at level 67 for THREE DAYS now.

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me neither No sound at all tried reinstalling and verifying the files NOTHING

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  • 15 Oct

Please, ban this player, because he uses spead hack

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  • 16 Oct

Aloha! Finally my friends bought the game, but all of the faces the same issues. Xp/gold bugs. I really tried to find out how to fix it, but the discussions wasn’t updated for more than half a year. I don’t really know if it’s still an issue... tried verifying files, replay tutorial and etc., nothing happened.
They are kind of loosing interest due to these glitches, because they can’t even earn money to buy some new weapons... please notice me if something was fixed, because I didn’t face this bug from my acc

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So when i was playing my power went out and now Mordhau doesn't work and crashes every time i load the game. That's about all I know. Nothing else broke just this. Just wanted to play Mordhau :(

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  • 21 Oct

Idk what this is, it happens whenever im playing the game and has only really started to appear after a forced windows update recently. This is a Webm of it happening. I keep seeing red/green/black flashing lights/reflections around my character and the environment. I have tried replacing my HDMI cables, changing graphic settings, changing my amd radeon settings for mordhau and setting them back to default. but nothing seems to fix it.


  • Radeon Software Version - 19.10.1
  • Radeon Software Edition - Adrenalin 2019
  • Graphics Chipset - Radeon RX 580 Series
  • Memory Size - 4096 MB
  • Memory Type - GDDR5
  • Core Clock - 1366 MHz
  • Windows Version - Windows 10 (64 bit)
  • System Memory - 16 GB
  • CPU Type - AMD Ryzen 7 1800X Eight-Core Processor
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  • 21 Oct
 Sir Winter


Hi I completed the tutorial a couple of days ago, I have the ABC achievement and when I go back to the tutorial page, it is blacked out and there is no gold reward showing, so the game knows I have completed it, however I still have not received my 2,500 gold. I'm not sure if there is something else I need to do, or if the game is bugged.

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  • 21 Oct

Hey is anyone else not getting any gold upon leaving a deathmatch game.

Just quit to menu after recieving gold but its not there in the menus

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  • 21 Oct

My game keeps uninstalling itself from Steam and it deletes all of my loadouts. It has happened 4 times now.

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  • 22 Oct
 Grey Giver

My overhead didn't register at 15 ping:

The netcode could definitely use some fixing.

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  • 22 Oct

Gold not saving

I'm not getting any gold at the end of the match. For example, it says I made 400 gold in a game and then it will add it to my balance but the next time I open my loadouts I have made no money.

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  • 22 Oct
 H3rr Grub3r

Epidemic bug in ranked duel tonight. Started to be an issue from around 20pm UTC onwards

No ranks shown in the scoreboard, naked loadout and auto disconnect after 20-30 seconds with an error message.

Happens either for one or both players at the same time, on average 1 out of 2 matches, sometimes several times in a row.


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i have a problem when ever i close my game every setting resets automatically plz help me im going insane