Bug Reporting Thread

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  • 21 Aug

When I try to buy something sometimes it takes the money out of my account but doesnt give me the item. Like, i was just trying to buy the barbute visor and it took 2500 gold out of my account and then didnt give me the visor

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Again I received nothing. I noticed that if you go to the server where the game is almost over and have no time to do anything (get 0 experience and 0 gold), then in the next game, despite your score, you will not get anything.
Here's a video
My Steam

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  • 23 Aug

Hello, guys. First of, great job on your amazing game, it's been a blast. I was buying a Flat Top helmet (which costs 500), but it wasn't working. I pressed it more times and ended up losing 13k... For me, that is a lot of gold, I'd like to know if there is a way to fix it, because I feel almost cheated :/

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I've just logged into the game without having played for a few days and i've been reset to level 1, have no gold and no equipment unlocked with my mercs reset to default. I've restarted the game multiple times as well as steam and nothing has changed. I can provide video evidence if necessary, thanks :)

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  • 26 Aug

My level was temporarily reset to 23 and 5000 gold was deducted when trying to buy a hat (which did not unlock).

I went to buy the Landsknecht Hat Feather, but the game just stalled for a couple minutes with the loading circle going. After it went away, the 5,000 gold had been deducted from my account but the hat was not unlocked. I restarted my game and then noticed that my level had also been reset to 23 when it was just 35. I still had everything else I'd unlocked including the banners for up to level 35, but after multiple restarts the gold was still gone and my level had not fixed itself. Also whenever I started the game, the "Consolidating items..." screen lasted for a couple minutes when it usually only takes maybe a couple seconds.

I reinstalled the game and my level and gold have now both been fixed, but that was incredibly strange.

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  • 27 Aug

Wtf??? Where is my 39 lvl? I lost my level after playing on battle royale!!! give me back my 39 lvl!!!

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I tried to buy a pair of light armor legs, the kind the pre-built archer wears.
It wasn't working but, as this is normal for it to fail at least a couple of times when I buy something, I tried again. and again.
If at first you don't succeed and all that. Nothing
However, after restarting the game, it had to think about it a while before it finally gave me the item.
with 3200 gold missing.
It cost 800 (I had 4900 ish before purchase, and was left with 970)
I think it charged me about 5 times for the same pair of pants.
Is there any way for me to get my money back? (just the 3200 extra, not the 800 it took to buy the item properly)

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  • 29 Aug

So I just tried to purchase the Commanders Zweihander. I already owned the Zwei and the guillotine blade. The game froze and loaded for a minute, before spending the 1500 gold and telling me I no longer own the Zweihander at all, let alone the commanders skin.

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  • 29 Aug

I've experienced a bug that has been occurring more often these past times I've played. The bug in question is not giving me both coins and xp points after finishing a full match. Once the match is done and the victory sign appears then the game goes into the screen where you would receive your coins and xp but the screen gets stuck for a second and both amounts show 0,even if you have points it doesn't reward the player.

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  • 29 Aug


Hello, my 160 lvl and 300k golds have disappeared
this is a screen a couple of days before the bug

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  • 30 Aug

Lost all progress from level 45 or so, reset to level 1 with 0 gold and all purchased items lost. Everything was fine as of yesterday (Aug 28), please restore my account to the state it was in then. Thanks!


(edit: after 20 minutes or so, it seems to have gone back to normal - I lost one class but that's it)

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I returned my MORDHAU data and it dropped from 142 level to 1 level

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Hello! Just started playing and i'm having a great time with the exception of a couple of bugs. I've bought the "Footmans Pauldrons" twice now, for a total of 1000 gold, but the item remains locked and my gold is gone.

Also i'm frequently not receiving gold and xp at the end of a match despite playing the full match. This happens a couple of times in a row too.


Edit: Also occasionally cannot spawn at the start of a match despite the "click to spawn" prompt on screen.

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I don't earn xp or gold in the end of a game.

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  • 30 Aug

Hello ! I'm here to know if I'm alone to have this bug and If I could get back the gold I lost.

First of all, I didn't record the bug but a took screenshots directly on steam of the bug.
(the link :

The bug (in short) : I wanted buy a new weapon on a party, a Javelin. I had 1200 golds and the Javelin cost 600, so I bought it. (screen : But, the game didn't buy me the Javelin and did a "loading screen" like that : After that loading, nothing happenned, just a sound. I tryed again and the same think happened. I took the descision to leave the game to buy it in the principal menu but it happenned again. The Javelin is already Lock but I lost my golds ...

I hope you will could help me and fixe that problem, no matter the issue of this bug, thank you for your attention

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  • 30 Aug

i Finnish a game i get no gold or exp no matter if i get 2 or 200 kills in horde

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  • 30 Aug

Hey. Recently I have not resived any xp or gold after completing matches. I NEED MY GOLD!


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I lost my levels, my characters, my progress and I am level 1 once again from level 85. (URGENT HELP PLEASE)


As you can see and I had 50k in gold I was saving for the new update, lost it all!!!!!!!
whenever I press on one of my old characters I just lost everything it has, I am level 1 once again ffs..

Name on steam is ⓥ | Ser Cumshot or blodzz for the steam profile.

Sort this out please, thank you.