Bug Reporting Thread

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I get a memory leak on Camp, and Camp alone. Start off with good fps, even on a cluttered screen, and gets progressively worse the more I play

More people than me have said similar things, so i do not think it's my rig.

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@ĶiĻăƦesrumpMcBøøgerballls said:

@succ said:
This isn't really a technical issue, at least i don't think it is, but even after the alleged progression bug fix and compensation, i am still stuck, can't buy anything at all. Here is the entire experience i had with it from start to finish:
day 1, progression was stuck at level 1 for about 2 or 3 matches, then it started working again.
day 3, progression stuck at level 11 after attempting to buy the longbow
day (didn't keep track), the day when the compenation was given to players, clicked accept, money didn't go to my profile, progression still stuck
3 days after the compensation: instantly jumped to level 22 with 28k gold, yet progression is still stuck and i can't buy anything, whenever i go to the shop to buy something, the loading wheel starts spinning on my screen for about half a second, then the error ping sound plays, no message on screen, no item in my inventory, gold is on the same amount.
Everyone else seems to have gotten past this problem, except me. it's getting frustrating, what's happening?

Go into your library on Steam, Right click onto Mordhau and choose properties. in the Local Files tab, Verify integrity of game cache.
This will refresh your game files and download any missing or corrupt files. Then open Mordhau and see if the issues are resolved. Also do a fresh reboot of your PC before, just in case.

This method does not work. At least with me.
To be honest, the game developers express strong disrespect for the players, selling them the unfinished game.

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@nuttyhobobum said:
I am having an issue where I am unable to purchase anything in the store, when I click on an item and try to purchase, it loads and disappears with no message.

I have tried verifying the games files, reinstalling it, and deleting the appdata folder, but nothing has worked so far. I am also no longer earning gold from games

Still having the above issue, but I am also no longer earning XP. Bit annoying playing games to not earn any gold or level up.

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Ive been having this happen to me whenever i queue into frontline matches. It only happens in mordhau, i need to restart my pc whenever this happens

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  • 29 May

@SHHeavensGates said:
Ive been having this happen to me whenever i queue into frontline matches. It only happens in mordhau, i need to restart my pc whenever this happens

Check GPU drivers?

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I keep having this glitch where sometimes when i enter the color menu for any item it doesnt let me pick a color. Which makes me unable to leave the color menu and able to interact with anything else on the screen to where i must alt f4 to exit it

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I don't know if this would exactly count as a bug, but I had people joining a lobby I was in, impersonating me. They wouldn't show up in the lobby/scoreboard list, but there was definitely someone else with my name typing some awful stuff. Just wondering if this was on your guys' radar. It really blows, because I was trying to stream and promote a giveaway for this game, but stuff like this is a buzzkill.

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Weapon Customizations not saving. Is this intended? My customizations are reverted to when switching weapons in the armory, changing servers, or simply restarting the game.

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  • 31 May
 Sir Boring

This is a really funny bug, but it's easily abused, sadly.

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  • 31 May

I'm not sure if this has been reported before (I'm sorry if it has been) but I found out on contraband that if you use spikes and build into a wall, you can glitch into a wall and hit people through it.

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So I have owned the game for about a day now and I haven't been able to go through a single match without receiving a "High Packet Loss" warning 5 minutes in and getting kicked from the game. I've read other forum pages and I know it's not me, I've tried other games and it runs fine so it's not my internet. I'm missing out on so much EXP and Gold and it's frustrating because I love the game so much and I really just wanna play. Please fix this ASAP. Thank you!

Also it says it has high impact on my GPU and I have a 3072MB ATI AMD Radeon R9 200 Series, which is a fairly decent Graphics card that I should at least be able to run on the lowest graphics settings, but It still does the same thing. Help.

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  • 31 May

.Map Exploit

.Exploit - clipping through a wall using toolbox.

.Details - I found this while playing on my server, very easily repeatable. Only viable on horde mode because the area will kill you for being out of bounds on all the other game modes. Like all the other similar exploits posted before me, you can shoot/stab through the wall and not be attacked back. Fire bombs and Turds can get through and hit at a good enough angle to damage sometimes.

.Recreate: build spikes close to the wall, break them down so you can get on the side, fix with hammer. Clip I recorded:

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problem: players can leave servers once a vote kick starts then immediately rejoin to avoid punishment.

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  • 1 Jun

When i am playing if i play for 2 or more rounds it just freezes the game and the only way to unfreeze it is by rebooting my pc.
What should i do?
(I already checked the file integrity trough steam)
Thx for helping!

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  • 1 Jun

I have a major problem, WHenever I start the game it freezes up and wont get off of the main menu. My computer also makes a loud noise (I assume it to be my fans.) I have fully updated my Graphics Card Drivers and verified game files twice now. After this I have restarded and the problem is sitll here. I managed to play the game fine yesterday for multiple hours (around 3 hours) My computer specs are well above the minimum. There are no messages/logs as it just freezes up and I have to manually ALT + F4 out of the game, which could be causing the game to break as well.

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  • 2 Jun

Hello, I haven't been able to play on Official LA servers for about 3-4 days. In the server browser, they will not show up at all or have very high ping. I've always played on Official LA servers and I'm not sure what the problem is. Others seem to be having this problem as well, so I am assuming this is a server side complication.

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Whenrver i try to launch the game it tells me "MORDHAU is attempting to launch with the optimal parameters shown below " Mordhau " and if i click of it goes to do you wanna let this app make changes to your computer and it just goes back and forth

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  • 2 Jun

In Horde, on every map, whenever I buy an evening star I get disconnected.

This only happens after I bought the "Warden's Grandmace" skin. I can buy any other weapon just fine.

I can't even buy an evening star after changing the skin back to default.

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  • 2 Jun

I experience huge amount of lag issues and frame drops on the frontline gamemode. The problem weren't there at launch.