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Bug Reporting Thread

Knight 29 155
  • 2
  • 28 Apr '19

evening star hand placement is messed up for alt mode in 1st person:

Knight 51 111

This rapier spawn mid-air


Knight 337 778
  • 4
  • 28 Apr '19

EDIT known issue being looked into I made another thread so I deleted this

Knight 366 630
  • 29 Apr '19
 Snake Skin

Oddly enough, mouse smoothing resets back to 0 but not any other setting.

Count 258 282

Server ISSUE:
In order for the maplist to stay for Front Line only maplist, we had to set the Game.ini to read only. The problem with this is that banned players are also written to this file. If the file is "Read Only" then banned players to not get written to it. There seems to be a problem with the server over writing the Game.ini and defaulting to the default map list.

2 5
  • 29 Apr '19

I'm not receiving the gold I earned. It gave me the achievement for completing the tutorial, but not the gold. I've also completed several games and still 0 gold.

4 0
  • 29 Apr '19

Having a bit of some issues hosting a dedicated server with the dedicated server tools on steam. When you launch it, it's visible in task manager but not on my screen.

1 3
  • 29 Apr '19

I am getting both money and XP form completing matches, but as soon as I go to the main menu or restart the game I lose it.

2 1
  • 1
  • 29 Apr '19

Can't properly click on anything, the point where my mouse is on screen doesn't appear to be where the game thinks it is, I can't even click the settings button.

1 2
  • 29 Apr '19

i just played a 1 or 2 matches and it says i got money and xp but now im in my armory and ive gotten nothing except what i got from tutorial
what is going on?

4 0

So unfortunately I could not take a screenshot in game, and when taking screenshot through the steam bind for screenshots it doesn't show on the picture.

I was playing skirmish on the expended camp map, and it happened on other maps as well so the maps are probably not responsible for this, textures stretch through the entire map to the point that sometimes I can't see anything.
It does not happen all the time, but like every 2-3 minutes which is annoying

And after like 10 minutes of gameplay the game crashes, and I cannot even send the bug report since I can't close the window and I'm stuck on some sort of buggy picture of the game or menu depending what I was doing on Mordhau.

Could you please help me ? Thank you.

1 2
  • 29 Apr '19

I cant level up for some reason.

Knight 28 83
  • 29 Apr '19

Yup, gold is bugged out of the game

1 2
  • 29 Apr '19

Same as both of you just now, I'm not leveling or receiving gold.

1 0
  • 29 Apr '19

Clicking on the rent server button caused my game to crash, and now it's stuck on verifying game files eventually leading into an error in steam. This is the error I get now.


The first error I had was something about file corruption, sadly I don't have a screenshot of it.

Steps taken so far:

Verified game files

Reinstalled on same drive (gets stuck at the same spot)

Reinstalled on different drive (worked until I clicked on rent by accident, not realizing that was causing it. Now happens every time I reinstall to this drive)

1 1
  • 29 Apr '19

EXP and Gold related bug!

After every match, whether the game tells me I am getting EXP or Gold, when I check my armory or exit the match I have 0 for both. Restarting the game has not helped, nor has switching servers

6 0
  • 29 Apr '19

so I have 1,900 gold. I do a match, get X sum and it goes up. I go to the menu and my xp is still on 0 and my gold isn't any higher. wtf

1 0
  • 29 Apr '19

Game is taking an aggressively long time to load and whenever I try and load the Tutorial the game hangs for minutes until it eventually crashes. The loading thing still moves, but it never actually loads.

15 21
  • 29 Apr '19

i finished a few matches and according to game i should have leveled up at least once and have at least 300 Gold, at the moment i only have 100, (i did the tutorial and was given the 2500 gold that i already spent)

2 1
  • 29 Apr '19

Can't join any frontline server because their all full i've tried to join a frontline match alot now and spendt a long time trying to join one and once i join one and complete it i dont get the gold at the end of the match.