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Bug Reporting Thread

Knight 14 7
  • 1
  • 12 Sep '17


  • Sound does not work. I am running my sound on optical out, rather than 3.5mm, not sure if that matters. EDIT: Yes, plugging my headphones straight into a 3.5mm jack on my motherboard works, but audio out of a digital signal appears to not work.


  • Attempts to launch steamvr with the game, unless you go to Settings -> Developer and then uncheck "Start SteamVR when an application starts". within the steamvr console window.
Knight 706 1084
  • 12 Sep '17

Not sure if fixing bots is high on your list right now but...

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  • 2
  • 12 Sep '17


I've gotten this same crash 3 times now. Haven't noticed a trend in what's causing it, seems random on my end. Will edit this post if I figure out how to reproduce it. The only other game I play that I'm aware of being built off Unreal Engine is PUBG which also crashes intermittently similar to this but without any error message popup. Not sure if they're related

windows 10 pro / version 1703 / build 15063.540
r7 1700, 32gb ram
1080ti reference / driver 384.94

Edit: Adding different error messages (with similar behavior) to this post


Count 92 260
  • 12 Sep '17

User Interface/Spectate

  • When you're spectating someone in first person, the weapon labels don't show when they change weapon, however the little box that shows all your weapons still does, just empty.
Baron 201 453
  • 1
  • 12 Sep '17

I'm pretty sure this is a bug with the "Flips Attack Side". Shouldn't the blade go in the direction of the mouse swipe? (sorry for shit quality)

Knight 47 49
  • 12 Sep '17

When I launch Mordhau, steam vr and the oculus software launches. It seems that my PC thinks I am launching a VR game.

Mercenary 2551 4572
  • 12 Sep '17

Loading screen takes absolutely forever tbh

Knight 247 1086
  • 12 Sep '17

Spectator camera issue

  • spectator camera got stuck when holding spawn after changing team (and dieing as a consecuence) in the mid of an LTS round.

Changing weapons

  • I'm not sure if its a feature, but holding a shield on one hand and no weapon on the other doesn't allow you to use kicks which would be useful to save your life in those situations.
52 40
  • 12 Sep '17

Not really a bug, but an annoyance in the game.

Switching back to a weapon will always place it as the default, regardless of what more you had it in. In other words, if you use a bastard two handed, switch to another weapon, and switch back, it will be one handed now.

Knight 399 873
  • 5
  • 12 Sep '17

Maps - The Pit

  • If you throw a weapon to some parts of the map, like the sandy ramps (the one closer to the cart / bridge) there's some places where the weapon will disappear completely.


  • Some strange characters in player names makes the name appear centered on the scoreboard:

For example: کҜ | Individuo appears like this (no, he's not spectating):


Dedicated server:

  • Only way my server appears on the browser list is by running the executable file: MordhauServer-Win64-Shipping.exe.
    A couple of friends got it to work only in this fashion. Running it through Steam > Tools, or adding any extra startup parameter (like "-log") runs the server .exe but it never shows on the browser list.

  • Map rotation doesn't work.

EDIT: It's working now.

EDIT 2: It's not working anymore. It just gets stuck in whatever is set up as the default server map.

Here's my DefaultGame.ini (from the dedicated sv files):

Here's the DefaultEngine.ini (only changed ServerDefaultMap):

For whatever reason it gets stuck in SKM_Grad.

  • Console key not working. My keyboard is Spanish.

EDIT: The only way you can get the console to work is by adding a new keyboard layout in Windows (to UK, which has a "tilde"). This sucks for obvious reasons. Or:

1. Go to <unit>:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Mordhau\Engine\Config\ and open the BaseInput.ini file (notice it's the folder where Mordhau was installed, and not the server files).
2. Locate this line:


Change it to some other key.

Gameplay / Skirmish mode:

  • The time window for joining teams is so short you might end up left out of the first round. When this happens, you're stuck until next round as you can't move your camera or spectate other players. Sometimes you'll get stuck outside the bounds of the map like in this pic:

  • If you've joined a team and got yourself killed, you shouldn't be able to spectate players from the opposing team.

EDIT: map rotation working, custom console keybind working

EDIT2: map rotation still fucked.

Knight 3194 4397
  • 13 Sep '17

On Contraband, there's a rock in the death zone that doesn't kill you.

Knight 14 7
  • 1
  • 13 Sep '17

@PowerSenpai said:
When I launch Mordhau, steam vr and the oculus software launches. It seems that my PC thinks I am launching a VR game.

go to Settings -> Developer and then uncheck "Start SteamVR when an application starts". within the steamvr console window.

Baron 583 973
  • 3
  • 13 Sep '17

I want to clarify the bug with movement.

Every time, when you are freshly spawned if you walk and press emote it will stop you, does not matter what emote.

Next time untill your death, you can press it while moving.

edit: This is not current info - i can confirm that it can happen multiple times during your life. There has been rumors for this effect to refresh when you alt tab - in the changeog thred, it is listed as "sometimes" and that seems to describe the problem the best :)

Mercenary 7 8
  • 13 Sep '17

when i spawn and i flourish while running the flourish stops all movement, its pretty minor.
but frekkin great game so far

Knight 2 0

Cant join servers:

Whenever i double click/press "join" to join a Server the HUD of the main menu disappears. The quickjoin is clickable but it doesnt lead me to a Server. After a while i've got it to Work for one Match but as soon as that finished it crashed. Playing against bots Works fine(apart from occasional spinning^^)

Knight 10 17
  • 13 Sep '17

You can still do reverse overheads. Not sure if its considered a bug, but I hope to see it changed!

56 179
  • 3
  • 13 Sep '17

@Wrapperup said:
You can still do reverse overheads. Not sure if its considered a bug, but I hope to see it changed!

You can parry attacks while they would reverse you, but you cannot deal damage with a reverse. Double check it.

As for my bug, the trees on the pit sound like they are possessed, as instead of some quiet rustling they just buzz all the time

2 2
  • 13 Sep '17

@DuckSauce said:
Mordhau Bug.png

The game loads quickly, but the Mordhau loading screen doesn't go away, though it continues to load tips. The main menu flickers in and out of visibility but is active in the background of the loading screen as the buttons for play, settings, armory, etc work but after about a minute I'm met with this crash prompt.
Verified integrity of game files through steam, no problems.
Uninstall-Reinstall had no effect.
I have the same exact problem
Running it on a dual monitor layout with an intel i5 3570k, 8 gb of RAM, SSD, Nvidia GTX 770
Mordhau bug.png

Baron 22 57
  • 13 Sep '17

Game Launch

I'm actually not sure if this is the game or steam or me, but when I launch I get a black screen for at least one minute before the unreal clip plays. It's not a huge deal but it's annoying.

Knight 154 452
  • 13 Sep '17

Map Spawning

I occasionally can not move once I spawn into a map