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Bug Reporting Thread

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  • 15 Apr

Just died and now I am stuck in spectator mode, cannot spawn in and cannot move

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quarterstaff costs different amounts in different horde maps, 50 in mountain peak, and 110 in camp
2021-04-15 (1).png

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  • 18 Apr

игра постоянно вылетает, до патча не было проблем с соединением.

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  • 20 Apr

Black Tint Armour before lvl 70
so I was grinding to lvl 70 to get black tint armour and I'm lvl 65 so I'm almost there so i decided to go onto mordhau mercenaries and look at some cool builds I clicked on the king heavy helmet by Kaiowa

and copied the character ID to see what would happen so I put it into Frankenstiener, as usual, the helmet and other armour pieces i didnt have disapear but the tint didn't so i could edit it and add other stuff to the skin
now idk for sure but I went into an online game and, I could see the black armour not sure if anyone else could but im assuming they can
black tint at lvl 65.png
IDK if u can see that pic if u cant il resend but ye so what i did was
1.get the character id off of king heavy helmet
2.put into frankenstiener and created new mercenaries armour achieved (for me anyway)

ik this could be a cool glitch and maybe people might say "y did u say that u could get more use out of it" but if people that aren't lvl 70 and have the tint means the tint is worthless
hope this helpsblack tint in online.png

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  • 21 Apr

When I type "disc" in console, and press "tab" to autocomplete, it inputs "quit" instead. I never re-open the game, and move onto a new one every time.

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I went to kick an enemy and whenever I did it damaged me. The person had just started his swing so it couldnt be him, the only other guy was behind me watching and the damage indicator said it was in front. There's no reason I should have been hit but I take 20 damage. I had level 3 armor on so it makes me believe the damage was from my own kick.

I posted the video to youtube of me self damaging, though it has no audio because my recording software is kinda messy. I apologize

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  • 25 Apr

Dragged/accelerated hits by the blacksmith hammer on structures does not register as a hit (does not repair). Only regular hits where your mouse is directly on the target register.

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When someone is trapped in bear trap, you can not hit him, it is available after he stands up. Probably some hitbox issues.

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  • 26 Apr

When spawning something like a catapult in a tight interior and then getting on it will cause it to break but when that happens it disables player controls and makes it impossible to respawn or keep participating in the match. The map is grad and the area to create this is in the tunnels where the square hole to the pit is

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  • 3 May

The "Whack-a-Mole" Achievement is bugged. I have been trying to get this achievement for a couple of weeks but have failed to even register one headshot kill while couched. I saw on the Steam forums that multiple other people were having problems with it. I joined a private server with a friend and tried for half an hour and still no progression on the achievement. Thanks for the help and/or tips!

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I bought MORDHAU. I launch MORDHAU. and he marks "failed to connect to backend service.If the problem persists, please check your firewall settings ".

I don't know what to do. Please help me.

Excuse me for my english im french.

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i don't know if brocken competitive matchmaking is rly considered a bug but still i want to post this here because i think it might be a bugunknown_LI.jpg