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Bug Reporting Thread

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  • 6 Feb

Screenshot (24).pngScreenshot (25).png

need i say more

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  • 11 Feb

my game crashes when i start it, i tried everything from re installing the game to reset my entire pc.
since pach 20 i cantplay the game on my pc.
thats my favorite game and i will realy appreciate any hekp from you.

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  • 15 Feb

Server went into slow motion for me on client side while playing ranked for a few seconds. Know it's client side because I asked why the server went into slow motion in chat and he put a question mark.


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  • 15 Feb

Ran into a commander earlier today where the commander got to keep part of their earlier loadout. They looked different and had different perks, specifically bloodlust (which was obviously a problem). Don't know what caused this, but figured it was still something that needed saying.

I got a video showcasing it in case you're interested.

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I have a problem with connecting to the map arena. When I try to join it (doesn't matter if its ranked or not) it crashes the game. It also doesn't give me a reason why it crashed. I don't see anyone else with this problem, so I seem to be the first.

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  • 17 Feb

I was playing Mordhau normaly when I suddenly got disconnected, I simply rejoined the game with all my previous kills/deaths etc in the game.

But then when the match ended and I was gonna receive my prizes I didn't receive the money for the previous kills that I made before the disconnection.

Even though they were in the leaderboard, it only counted my "rejoined kills" and gave me a small amount of XP and Gold


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Don't know how consistent an issue this is, since this is the first time I've seen it, but when placing bear traps at the top of this ladder on Taiga I ended up making three people unable to respawn. All three of the people had stepped into traps and died in other spots of the map and in other games, but this was the only time where they couldn't spawn. I don't know if it's on their end or not, but felt I should report it

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Crashes the moment i enter a server dont know why

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  • 22 Feb

In camp on Horde there is a glitch spot where you can go into the Tents near spawn and the npc's cant hurt you can you please fix this? It makes gameplay so boring..

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  • 22 Feb

Also fix glitch where you cant move on Camp sometimes when you spawn

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  • 23 Feb

When I start a ranked 1v1 match my game crashes. No error message. I have seen a lot of other people having the same problem with no response. I have deranked a few times by now and for people who actually care about their rank that could be really a w e f u l.

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  • 1 Mar


Hey that happend when i joined a Horde Server with the name Camp. The guys just built a crossbow at the border to glitch in this area and so they were able to fight without no risk to get killed. I didnt thought that could work .

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Fatal error: [File:Unknown] [Line: 1602] Failed to find shader map for default material WorldGridMaterial(/Engine/EngineMaterials/WorldGridMaterial.WorldGridMaterial)! Please make sure cooking was successful (No inline shaders, null GTSM)

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mordhau crash.png

hey my game crash every times i launch the game , i tried everythings reinstalling , verifying files... it drives me crazy . Its been going for almost 3 months and i found nothing on this forum or on internet .

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  • 11 Mar

Setting keybinds to default breaks the secondary sprint bind, unable to change it and stays at "none".
Deleting config files to generate a new input.ini doesn't fix it.
Workaround: changing the second sprint key manually in input.ini, secondary sprint bind will still show as None but will work normally in game. If you change any of your binds you will need to change it manually again.

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  • 11 Mar

When running fullscreen Mordhau will sometimes freeze so hard not even windows realizes something is wrong.
I tried switching to borderless fullscreen but that just makes it throw errors about insufficient memory.

Really lately it's been all kinda wonky.

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hi so I bought this game last night I load in the for the first time and it gives me an error message
" Failed to connect to backend service. Please check your firewall settings if the problem persists."
now my WIFI Is fine, I even restarted my router
and as for fire walls I uninstalled my anti virus and disabled all my firewalls
I'm kind of upset that I've heard so much about this game and was excited to get in and then I boot it up and doesn't work
I looked on the forums earlier and this doesn't look like it is excusive to me however I tried the steps they and others have provided with no success,
if you could please send some help I would be grateful
hopefully I can play this game soon, thank you.

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  • 21 Mar

Left and Right input on a horse periodically stops working in Training mode. Every 30 seconds or so, I could no longer move the horse left or right using the A and D keys in Training. The horse would then continue straight until it hit the next barrier, at which point I was able to move the horse left and right again.

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  • 27 Mar

Hello maouse there is a shortage and this is happening in the only mordhau and it has been like this for 1 year please help

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  • 11 Apr

Whenever I select the heater shield or targe shield in the armory, my game hard crashes to desktop with no crash report. It's deeply weird.