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Bug Reporting Thread

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  • 21 May

Sometimes after a match and receiving Gold/XP i lose both XP and Gold after leaving the round.

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I came across a very annoying bug: after some matches, the XP and the gold that you received during the round are not added to your level / wallet and simply disappear. This can be very frustrating: I just played a match that lasted well over an hour (yes, only one round) and got almost 900 gold and over 1000 XP, only when I was back in the lobby everything was gone.

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Game crashes way too much, also crashes every time you go from a player server to an official server

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  • 24 May

User interface

In the user interface, my mouse have a big offset to the left, it's impossbile for me to access the settings du to this, and this also happens in game, when i need to respawn.

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motdurl= caches and shows an outdated version of the website to players that has previously joined the server, the website is updated if i go through a out-of-game browser, but once ingame it shows an outdated version. Ive fixed it once by changing the website domain name so its forced to cache a new website, but its a tedious way of updating a website.

Discord: Rubz#7108
Discord above if you want more info.

PS: Have tested with other players aswell, its not just me.

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  • 25 May

Everytime I launch the game it gives me a back end error and tells me to check my firewall settings and everything is allowed and I've done all the other suggestions. I just want to play the game.

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"Everytime I launch the game it gives me a back end error and tells me to check my firewall settings and everything is allowed and I've done all the other suggestions. I just want to play the game."

Yeah same problems here and I've seen other threads where people are experiencing this same issue.

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  • 25 May

Same here, no resolve.

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  • 27 May

Iron Company Castle Mountain Peak Bug/Exploit,

I watched a King exploit this and win it was sad but lol im not seeing it often at least :)

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  • 31 May

The Messer's range is broken it has the range of the zwel mayber even more.

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  • 1 Jun

Ive leveled up to 30 3 times now, every time I do it resets me back down to 29. Ive earned like +500 xp and seem to be capped at 30. I just want my spurs! D:

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I have found a bug with the blockade mode of the heater shield and kite shield. Whenever you go into this mode, the hitbox of the shield seems to not register for engineer ballistas. They can pass straight through it and hit you anyway.

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The bug with the main menu after leaving a game. Every single damn time i leave a game it happens. Character dissapears and im unable to join ANY server until i restart.

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  • 3 Jun

cna tri PLEEEAAASEEEE ifx the loudouts reset bug, i dont know how many time i have remade 20+ loudouts only for them all to vaish within a week

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Dying to a bear trap while climbing a ladder causes a ~45 second black screen and will no longer let you respawn. Video of reproducible bug:

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  • 7 Jun

Since its release, wearing Elizabethan Leggins causes your legs to become much thinner compared to their normal thickness observed with any other leg armor from any other tier.

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  • 8 Jun

I do not receive gold or XP after most games. It shows the XP slider go up, and the gold add, but after returning to the menu, neither the XP or gold are there.

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  • 9 Jun

AI on map Feitoria in "horde" mode have problem. When gates to city are closed, AI from few spawn are try to swim.
Links to YT, showing problem.
Mordhau bug01
Mordhau bug02

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  • 10 Jun

There is an XP and gold bug. After finishing a match, sometimes the gold and xp gained disappears from ones wallet. I've lost about 5k worth of xp and gold at this point.

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  • 13 Jun

When equipping Elizabethan Leggings on a new character I noticed that they also had the Elizabethan Sabatons as well (even though I do not own them). Upon further investigation, I noted that if the shorts are equipped beforehand and have no shoes, the Sabatons are auto equipped.