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Bug Reporting Thread

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  • 26 Nov '19

@jebajlo said:
After 14 patch BUUUU3G14.PNG

Same after reboot :/

Damn, issue come back again. I uninstall all game, removed folders. Install again, but still not able to play.

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  • 27 Nov '19

So... the game doesn't even launches anymore, I updated it and restarted my PC with no avail whatsoever
Fix MY goddamn game

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  • 27 Nov '19

Feitoria has no atmospheric/environmental sounds. You can hear them on the spawn selection screen in the air on invasion/frontlines, but as soon as you go in character or spectate there are no environmental sounds. No, wind, water, torches, or animal sounds, just the sounds of your character and interactable objects like the horses and the objectives. It's difficult to notice in a full Invasion/Frontlines match because of all the character noises, but load an empty match and it's immediately noticeable.

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  • 28 Nov '19

I set Mordhau to fullscreen mode from windows mode, and restarted the game. However, now I cannot click on anything on the right side of the screen. I can click on the left half of the screen only sometimes. I can get to the home menu, armory, and player profile, but I cannot get to Fight or options, making it impossible to set it back to windows mode.

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  • 28 Nov '19

I completed the tutorial but i did not recieve the 2500 Gold i was promised.

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  • 28 Nov '19

Hey so this is my first and a weird question but, loaded up Mordhau and had zero audio. No sound, restarted the game, steam, comp, checked sound settings, still nothing. Anyone think they can help me out?

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  • 29 Nov '19

Okay so I just got the game and I've tried completing the tutorial three times now. I get to the third flag on the catapult and it just will not fly far enough to hit the flag. I've tried hitting it to the right, the left, dead center, short, etc. The flag is only 75m away and the projectile falls just short (even at full power) and hits the river. I see in the most recent patch they shortened the distance the rock can travel but I think it's kinda shitty if that's the problem. I also cannot use matchmaking, the search button is grey and doesn't do anything. I suppose it's because I haven't/can't do the tutorial or maybe a whole other problem.

Knight 52 67

The catapult range nerf has made the catapult potentially unable to hit the final flag pole in the tutorial, as you can't push the catapult beyond the invisible wall placed in front of the camp to get in range of the river flag.

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Hey guys, just picked up your game and having fun with it.

However, when I completed the tutorial, I never received the gold for completing it. Wut do?

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You can climb up here and go through the roof

Sellsword 6 10
  • 2 Dec '19

When you die because of a beartrap while on a ladder you can't spawn.

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  • 3 Dec '19

Since the last patch I have come across a problem where I sometimes can't requeue after leaving a server. The button to search in the main menu is greyed out. In the server browser it attempts to join, but after a few seconds I only get a message saying, "Failed to connect." This happens perhaps 50% of the times I exit to the main menu and is only fixed by relaunching the game.

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  • 3 Dec '19

I cant seem to join any servers, the server list only has one or two empty servers available, rarely more. I cant join any friends and the Firewall issue that i've read about is m=not my problem with connecting to servers.

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  • 4 Dec '19

Mordhau doesn't download mod dependencies from

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  • 5 Dec '19

Hey I just bought the game 2 days ago and I cant play it, when I play it sticks on "please wait" for a while then it shows an error message saying "not connected to backend service"
I have verified integrity and checked my firewalls and anti virus, none of them blocked it.
Please help I really wanna play the game

Sellsword 792 2352
  • 5 Dec '19

@KapitanCука said:
Hey so this is my first and a weird question but, loaded up Mordhau and had zero audio. No sound, restarted the game, steam, comp, checked sound settings, still nothing. Anyone think they can help me out?

Check default audio output in sound settings, also check in sound mixer that your output is going to the right place.

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  • 6 Dec '19

Every time i play this game it seems to stay open in the background or something cause the next game i launch will have terrible performance and i am usually forced to restart my pc as i cannot find any services that seem related to mordauh.

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  • 6 Dec '19

Hello dear Mordhau Team,

I found out about this bug earlyer today!
Please consider fixing it, because it breaks 1v1 Servers.
Thanks alot!

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  • 8 Dec '19

The blue team player counter has 33/32 whilst i was playing, not sure if there was actually 33 blues running around playing but seems like a bug or at least a visual error?

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  • 11 Dec '19

Hello! These people develop and disseminate cheats for Mordhau