First Impressions Thread

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  • 20 May '19

hmm, my first impression was during alpha man, this is a pretty old thread

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  • 21 May '19

Just wanted to say to the devs: the game you created is AWSOME!
Sorry for being laconic, but I don't have time for webbrowsing (just made average of 7h 50min of Mordhau per day, over the last 11 days. Would make more if not my full time job...)

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  • 22 May '19

My first impressions are that Mordhau seems to have a melee system designed for 1 v 1 (duelling). All the trade-offs and downsides to the weapons suit a duel and not mass battles. The mechanics are flawed in group battles. Too much can interfere. I don't find it satisfying.

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  • 22 May '19

@Ohm said:
My first impressions are that Mordhau seems to have a melee system designed for 1 v 1 (duelling). All the trade-offs and downsides to the weapons suit a duel and not mass battles. The mechanics are flawed in group battles. Too much can interfere. I don't find it satisfying.

There is no lock on, you can switch targets in an instant, you can hit multiple opponents with one swing (except with blunt weapons (unless the first hit is a kill)). To me it seems very well designed for group battles. If you are referring to the difficulty of fighting several enemies at once? It should be hard, almost impossible in my opinion, to defeat two players of equal skill to yourself with their full focus directed towards you.

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  • 27 May '19

I fucking love this game!

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  • 28 May '19

fuck youguys kick ass just learned tonight you added teammate icons ifor tdm

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  • 28 May '19

im color blind so it should help allot.. thanks

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Frustrating experience: get team killed, when i fight back i get kicked right before the game ends and called a faggot ass pussy. Also, why the hell can someone literally just keep scrolling their wheel and attacked 10+ times in a row? fix the fucking stamina and fix the broken ass spawns in this game. Every two seconds im getting fucking spawn killed.

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  • 18 Jun '19

The game is all in all a fantastic release. I tend to gravitate toward arming sword and shield along with heavy armor, regardless of knowing that many of the two handed weapons are simply better in output. I understand the trade off.

I feel the sizes of some of the weapons is a little off. Owning an arming sword, the over all length is about 90cm, the blade itself is about 75cm. It looks like your arming sword is lacking in length. In all honesty the bastard sword looks more like an arming sword... Right well what that comes down to is the short sword looks like an overlarge dagger, or a Cinquedea that I am sure the idea is based off of.
To get to the point of it, the arming sword looks like a stumpy arming sword. The bastard sword looks like an arming sword, and the longsword appears to be the length of a bastard sword. A bastard sword being a transitional sword of a length between the arming sword and longsword. Also may want to consider re-classifying the current messer as a kriegsmesser. Leaving you the option to explore lange messer as an additional weapon.

Grad: This map in my opinion is fantastic, I hope to see a mode at some point where the castle is in the middle and has a couple of points of contention leading up to it from either side.

Tiaga: With the current changes to the map it feels less cramped and has many new options to invade the various locations. Even if in general the player still seem to run one route. The current "front gate" that is attacked from the river could use a low wall or the like in front of or behind it to funnel the action much like the other open gate ways.

Mountain Peak: This map while the ascetic is very pleasant, could use more space to play. The point down from the gate of red feels much harder to defend then that of the blue team. Blue having a larger overhanging corner giving them cover. This is perhaps offset by the ram mechanic, and perhaps players are simply not learning the process to defend that keep area. Right now when assaulted the red keep feels like a terrible bottle neck to get down to recapture the point. I suspect that adding other methods to get over the wall or stand on the wall and look down on the valley area would solve this. A walkway similar to the camp map.

Camp: Another map that has a fantastic feel and mechanics. Both sides have a task mechanic to push to the last point before base. Open areas where horsemen can play, areas that are a bit more cramped where infantry can congregate. It is a well designed and fun map.

Here is hoping to see more weapons and armors seen in the eras this is made for. Perhaps look to the middle east, as a contrast to the crusader feel of some of the items!

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  • Heavy handaxe or maul wIth 3/3/3 and BL.
  • Combat is too slow and could be sped up, people die too quickly.
  • It does feel hard to fight multiple opponents.
  • I would like to see shorter release periods on stabs to prevent stab dragging.
  • I've had many memorable experiences, including a duel with only kicking, hilarious cosmetics like shrek, mortal kombat on lutebot, crouching under slashes and boxing on a sped up server.
  • Love the mountain peak map the most, would love a cave or mines map with bog chasms and the risk of falling to your death in darkness, another snow map but not in a valley, actually on a mountain with more visibility (Mountain Cross or Pass).
  • Adding horned helmets and capes as high level cosmetics (lvl 60-120) like Malric's helm, either with or without a fantasy / historical cosmetic clothing toggle, in order to give players something to work towards, to keep them somewhat rare and to give cosmetics to help distinguish high-level commanders on the battlefield, is what I would like to see most added to the game besides seige mode which I believe is being worked on.
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  • 19 Jun '19
  • It does feel hard to fight multiple opponents.

It's supposed to be, and it should be

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  • 5 Jul '19

I laughed so much. The voice options are just brilliant and the comedic value of the game, possibility to troll with meme builds is just hilarious.

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  • 28 Jul '19

firstly I think mordhau is great, especially compared to chivalry. I really wish that the following game modes were added to the search pool; ffa, tdm and skirmish. i'm struggling to find a ffa with people on at any given time of day as well as for tmd and skirmish since most people ffa it makes little sense to hide it from noobs in the server browser

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  • 11 Sep '19
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Not expecting any more new players Marox?

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  • 3 Nov '19

Start over please