First Impressions Thread

Knight 614 1114
  • 22 Oct '18

yes really good first impression

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  • 24 Oct '18

Agree with allot you said.. good review
Me personally I love FFA and TDM and I wish there were more servers that played those modes..
For me I have 2 real issues.. Footspeed/movement is to slow... Game is a feint fest, so dramatic its like a guesing game, and if you don't use feint you can't keep up... rewards the player who feints and punishes the new player.. I see this as a major problem you will face when this game is officially released. Unless the new player is a Chivalry vet they will give up on this game quickly due to frustration... Hell, General James wont even play this game and he has 7,000 hours on CDW. And general doesnt care if he gets killed, he'll die 100 times in a row at Chivalry Deadliest Warrior and keeps on coming because its FUN. But this game he cant stand and wont play......
Game is cool and I know realism and Blood kicks ass but don't forget the "Fun Factor"
If the games not fun people will stop playing.. if people stop playing the game dies.......... __ Flatline LOL :)

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  • 24 Oct '18

Just played for like 3 hours.. game really is cool as fuck and has some realy good features!!
Look forward to the final product!!!!

  • 1 Jan '19
This comment was deleted.
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  • 3 May '19

Damn I think youguys did it! kickass game and is fun to play... I played at alpha but then didn't play much from there because I was waiting for the finished product. I would go on from time to time and play and then post suggestions.. but everything I bitched about seems the devs addressed and fixed.. Even general james is playing LOL!!

Only suggestion.. I play with a 360 controller, the default sceme is nogo.. Other than that nothing but the bear traps LOLOLOL!!

Great job guys congrats!!

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  • 5
  • 4 May '19

After few hours of playing, my addition:

Please add sorting to servers list - sorting by players, game type, ping. And adding servers to favorites.

And some quick communication system would be nice.

Delete spectator mode after death - why I can see enemies after death?

[Suggestion] Change team colours from Blue and Red to something different - red is a colour of enemies in many games, players react to red as enemy = picking blue team and differentiating enemies is easier. Not to mention the blood is also red. So red players become more red and blue players become more red... Ok, I admit, this works both ways but only in mid game.

Oh, and add female characters and more skin colours - I am not kidding. I know some people will start talking about “historical accuracy” but: 1. This is a game. 2. Historical accuracy is only in fighting with medieval weapons. 3. Letting people play as a women or people of colour means more players.

13 25
  • 6 May '19

My first impression of this game was great, the gameplay feels great and extremely accurate.

Unfortunately it is extremely difficult to organize and find your steam party friends which makes tactical gameplay and formations difficult.

Please add a small green UI Icon to see your party members in battle!!!

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Duke 754 1201
  • 6 May '19

I remember when we could wear full plate and equip a halberd, and another one, and another one xD
3/3/3 with 3 halberds lol.

Knight 2272 4089
  • 6 May '19

I remember one of my first deaths in the alpha getting oneshotted by Monsteri with an arming sword throw across Pit.

Man the alpha was good times tbh, was fickin fun when construction was first added and you could stack stakes to climb out of maps and stuff.

6 8
  • 6 May '19

I basically gave up on playing Mordhau because of the fact that there are no HUD indicators for your party. If you have a team-based tactical medieval slasher, how in God's name do you not include the basic ability to organize with your friends? Imagine Battlefield without squad markers for your own squad. Yeah, that would be fun, right? Not really. Just like how Mordhau is no fun with friends when you cannot even see your friends, on your own team, in a team-based game.

Please, fix this as soon as possible. I really want to like this game, but without this critical feature I cannot really see myself going much beyond a few hours. Playing solo with random people who I don't care much about is not an interesting experience.

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  • 7 May '19

If I could change one thing about the game, it would be the team colours. Specifically, having a red team. The problem with there being a red team is that when the opposite team gets injured, they turn red from the blood texture. This has led to confusion in almost every match I've played so far, where wounded team members on the blue team get mistaken for the red team. In my opinion, the red team HAS to be changed to a different colour or this issue will persist throughout the life of the game, just as it did for Chivalry.

Mercenary 1888 7052
  • 7 May '19

It wasn't as much of a problem in Chivalry because in addition to each team's color you could also recognize them on their distinct armor and even their voice. This is a problem in Mordhau because everyone can pick whatever armor and voice they want.

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  • 8 May '19

Im color blind, red and green and partially blue. On TD, frontline or any team based I cant tell who my enemys are. I wish they had the option to add something that let you know your teammates.. like chiv TDM.. but have the option to turn it off insetings

27 28
  • 8 May '19

when im blue and my teammate is low on health with the blood on him he looks like hes on the red team.. sucks

Mercenary 1888 7052
  • 8 May '19

@12thManArmy said:
Im color blind, red and green and partially blue. On TD, frontline or any team based I cant tell who my enemys are. I wish they had the option to add something that let you know your teammates.. like chiv TDM.. but have the option to turn it off insetings

Damn that sucks, devs should really do something about that. I suppose something as simple as adding a small hovering banner above the heads of your teammates would help? That way you could just kill everything that doesn't have a banner.

Mercenary 2192 3908
  • 8 May '19

@12thManArmy said:
On TD, frontline or any team based I cant tell who my enemys are.

Kill everyone just to be sure, best way tbh

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  • 9 May '19

My 2 cents here:

  • First impressions are great - really fun game for a fair price
  • Learning curve is a bit steep in the beginning but after a while you understand the meta. Big part of it is equipment and perks.

Things I really like

  • huge battles
  • fast respawns in frontline
  • horses
  • variety in equipment and skills

Things I don't like

  • people not following the tasks and goofin around
  • when someone is using one handed sword he can swing 270 degrees and deal a lot of damage even when he's at the end of his swing.
  • some heavy weapons need more delay between swings to make it fair.
  • maps are not equally balanced It seems to me that Red have advantage most of the time

My suggestions:

  • add more variety in one handed weapons so it can be played with shield (axe, sword, mace)
  • create new mode with a bit smaller map and similar to CS:GO gameplay. For example town or castle map (Malta, Rabat for inspiration)
    where you all spawn at the same time and you have to either kill enemy's team or capture their base. It has to be time limited so we don't have 2 guys running around and chasing each other for eternity while 60 players are watching. Something like 15 minutes max. And best of 7 rounds? That would be fun. More action packed and involving some tactics perhaps.
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  • 13 May '19

@12thManArmy said:
when im blue and my teammate is low on health with the blood on him he looks like hes on the red team.. sucks

Agree, this is problematic. I tweaked gore options in game settings to avoid friendly fire. Perhaps if the team color would be green or yellow or something instead of red...

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  • 14 May '19

First of all I would like to say I really like the game, the customization, and the atmosphere. It all comes together to make a very immersive but equally enjoyable experience that isn't too tilted towards hard realism but also isn't so far outside of the general theme of the game. I've never been one for previous medieval fighting games, though I guess my only awareness of them otherwise is Chivalry and For Honor.

Although having played for a good week or so there's a few things I've noticed about Frontline mode pretty specifically, and that is that the ancillary portions make the overall experience less enjoyable. I've seen a lot of people defending cavalry but I have to say it's not as simple as just looking out for a horse when you're in the middle of a scrim and it's relatively simple for a man on a horse (wielding literally any weapon he so chooses) to easily ride through a busy battle and cut off heads here and there, whether he is using a halberd or a falchion as his Cavalry weapon. I have a load out built around the billhook but it's not exactly my favorite weapon overall so it feels like I have to do a chore when I switch to the class just to try and potentially pull the rider off of the horse if I happen to swing right and if he happens to not bump into me and cancel the animation. It's just as irritating because my first classes I built were halberdiers and Spearman because I was under the impression those weapons would be particularly effective against mounted troops- much to my disappointment they proved just as ineffective as most weapons are. Any strike causes somewhere between 10 and 30 damage to the horse if you're lucky and stabbing it directly in the face only ever seems to top out at 15 damage?

Catapults fit into the same sort of category for me although they are more of a general threat for both teams with repetitive team killing and questionable aiming and inaccurate power control it makes it basically just as dangerous for the team it belongs to as the enemy team. However it's not very enjoyable to spawn in and start running out of your base only to be instagibbed by a rock that hits the ground and for some reason causes a fair amount of Splash damage.

Otherwise my experience with the game is pretty positive, Frontline is mostly my game mode of choice so mostly I'm skewed against those particular items because I feel they detract from the overall feeling of the mode. I would think some sort of perk to ride the horse would make for a decent balance so that people have to take a relatively expensive skill if they want to ride cavalry that works in a similar manner to The Peasant perk by limiting what you can and cannot use, as well as providing some kind of penalty a using things like a zweihander off of a horseback. A man stabbing a horse with a spear or any other long arm should probably get a fair damage bonus against the horse if not kill it immediately while knocking the rider off and so on. As it stands though it's much too easy to just get on a horse and almost double or triple your typical kill death ratio.

Any other complaints I have are mostly just out of my own low skill level overall. Archers and crossbowmen are annoying but I'm completely fine with them in the game, rapiers and short Spears I think could use a bit of tweaking because I have been scroll spammed on more than a few occasions, but... despite all that, I like the game. I'm looking forward to more customization and more weapons and hopefully more thematic content is released for other portions of the world like the Mamluks, Byzantines, Russians, Saracens, so on. I'd personally love to see some Dai Viet or Chinese stuff, but that's likely some distance- or perhaps a great distance away.

40 31
  • 16 May '19

First heard of this game through friends. I loved playing For Honor so I thought I'd check it out.

Right from the start there aren't any women(I'm a girl) but that fine cuz i read that y'all are adding women to the game soon enough.

Armors are cool but seem a bit limited. There's so few imo that getting to lvl 30 I'd imagine getting bored with the game because there aren't very many incentives to playing past a high level.

Gameplay if fun but as a bow user in every game, they seem to be the worst weapons in the game. That's ok though because nothing can beat that range, though there seems to be so many balancing issues with playing anything other than a two-hander.

I think the game speed is fine. Maybe a little too slow but that's so you have counter options and combo options so that's ok. Same with 1v2s, I think it's too hard, but I think it's good that way. The combat system seems to be great besides weapon balancing ovbiously.

Point system is cool. Never seen it before and getting used to it.

Please this confused me so much but when i was picking out my characters skin color there's 8 exact shades of white and one slightly dimmer. I hope that's just an issue with the game in alpha because otherwise why...

One main thing i noticed was playing with friends was a little difficult. We have to restart our games a few times just to play together(we live across the states from each other). So there were quite a few bugs with joining on each other, disconnects, and the steam to game server connection issues.

My only main gripe it the weird health regen. I'm not sure a good way to do it, but it's not imersive, happens too quickly, and doesn't make any sense besides it being like Halo I guess. I would def change that somehow. Even if I need to use health packs or something.

Overall it's a really good game with a solid bone structure but there isn't any meat on it atm. Not very memorable with gameplay and maps buts def fun to play! Though I'm sure with changes in adding diversity to the game also comes those fixes. Games like this thrive in everyone feeling good about their own specific builds that cross with each other so complexly that it makes for a fun experience.