First Impressions Thread

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  • 18 Sep '17


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  • 20 Sep '17

Hi spook, I love your game, you did a great job and i look forward to the latest builds you make, best wishes.

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  • 20 Sep '17

Hey guys,

So far Mordhau is an awesome game! I've sunk in a good 19 hours already and lent my account to others for a total of 25 hours so far. Here's my personal take on everything such as graphics, mechanics, etc.


The game looks sick. I've only experienced a few graphical glitches. One that comes to mind is my kite shield clipping through me while on my back. The customization is awesome and all the weapons/armor look very believable.

Easy 10/10


I ran it on 3 different PCs and the slowest one was getting around 30-50 FPS. Nice. Tends to get a bit lower around group fights but the slowest PC isn't very beefy so I put its specs below.

GPU - r9 285
CPU - Intel Core I5 2500K 3.3GHz
RAM - 16 GB DDR3 1600MHz

Easy 9/10 pushing it for the 10/10


This is where my experience/opinion is different than everybody elses.
There are mechanics I love, mechanics I hate, and mechanics that need fine tuning.

Loved mechanics: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for slowing the game down enough so that moves are readable. It makes me so happy that people can't just feint spam, combo feint, rainbow drag, etc. to win. The hits feel earned.
Chambers are an awesome mechanic even if they were ripped from Mount and Blade (albeit Mordhau has made them better).
Feints are a viable strategy but you have to be cautious lest you get caught walking in with something (beautifully done).

Mechanics I hate: I hate Drags, and will always hate drags, but they're going to be part of the meta so this is just me ranting.
Don't get me wrong, I abuse the Eveningstar's RoH drag to foot just like everybody else, but it doesn't mean I like it.

The only other mechanic that really rustles my jimmies is crouch blocking. It looks really stupid when it's performed. Parries would be an incredibly difficult thing to do while in a full slavic squat, and you're likely to get bowled over (IRL at least).
Yes, it is a great way to do Chivalry type matrixing and the like but I think you should be able to move your torso backwards without becoming a crab. I can definitely see both sides of the argument on this though, and it's not a "big deal" just kinda "eh, that's stupid lookin'".

Mechanics that need fine tuning:

Morphs- These seem slightly OP because they're much harder to interrupt than a feint and you can get around people chambering it by simply dragging the second attack. I personally don't know a good punish for them other than constantly attacking or having veryyyy good prediction/reaction times.

Kicks - Kicks range seems a bit far for an instant stun, and the kick to counter a kick is pretty hard to pull off unless your opponent telegraphs (i.e. not setting it up).

Shields - Alright so first off I'd like to address that shields have the following work arounds: 1. Stamina 2. Kicks 3. Attack Delay 4. Low attacks
Secondly, I'd like to address that yes shields can feel a bit OP but they can also be a bit underpowered. How can it be OP? Essentially a good shield user nullifys every single move in the game by holding the shield up and just looking a direction. The only attacks that even a good shield user might get caught with occaisonally is a hard low drag (start high go low) or a drag that wraps around the shield.
Additonally, in group combat scenarios the shield pretty much can block 2 people pretty easy and up to 3-4 people some good movement. How is the shield underpowered? The attack delay is a real bitch. It means it's nearly impossible to punish kicks, because you're just holding the shield up. You almost always sacrifice the initiative to a decent no shield player because you must drop the block before attacking, or simply use the shield as a reactionary tool...but then it doesn't feel like much of a shield if it's a just bigger parry box.
It also has the unfortunate side effect of only being able to riposte essentially because playeres with good reaction times know that if you block with a shield you either have to riposte or gamble a slower attack and get interrupted. This encourages a form of "turtling" with the shield which is both annoying to play as and against. The most frustrating scenario for both parties is when the shield user successfully dodges a swing but puts the shield up as a precautionary measure (thinking maybe it's in range) then you're stuck waiting for them to continue their combo flailing at the air because of the delay while still holding the shield up.

The fix? I'd suggest making the shield require a bit more angling to block and either lessening the attack delay substantially or removing it.

Zweihander - This bad boy just feels cheesy. It goes from being damn fast with look-down overheads to the slow creep of continental drift during a drag, and it deals massive damage.

Fists - Damage might be a bit too high, I've won my fair share of duels by throwing a quick hook against a plated helmet.

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  • 20 Sep '17

I dont get people saying mordhau is too slow when its already fuckin fast. Great game btw its really enjoyable and has great potential.

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  • 20 Sep '17
 Anal Error

I played 10 hours this game and is boring.
If they change the chance at least to have double KO in game maybe i will play it again...

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this fucking guy ^

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I just got a cringe-attack by seeing that guy...

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Be nice, Eru. No mocking the mentally challenged.

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 Knight Nicholas

@LuxCandidus said:
Be nice, Eru. No mocking the mentally challenged.

I'm mentally allergic to smug shit

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Feint is issue... Parry is to slow... If feint rules make parry fast enough to block.
Real combat feint works but is blockable by opp if noticed and fast enough to block... in meelee games the feint onlybenefits high level players and makes others to do the same..... I dont feint cause ya'll are weak who do. BUT I WOULD LOVE TO!!!
If it was real and reasonable

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Found in the test map

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  • 21 Sep '17

How do you load the test map?

Oh damn this is my 800th comment
Again closer to a thousand
Again closer to insanity (And maybe making a topic for the hell of it)

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Haha yes first impression yes

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it's okay

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@Runagate said:
it's okay


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  • 2 Oct '18


After my most recent session in MORDHAU, I felt the need to come here and say something.

I'm sure maybe someone has had the guts to post some potentially negative things about this game, but I'll just be the black sheep here I suppose as per usual.

Let's start with answering the Spook questions:

Which weapons and armor combinations are you enjoying the most? Got any favorites yet?
I've always been kind of a knight player so I started to play full 3-3-3 armor, but it feels clunky and slow so I'm starting to opt for lighter armor to get some damn footspeed. Zwei is good, bastard sword is obviously broken because of stabs so that's a good pick right now, halberd, bardiche, poleaxe.. whatever with range is pretty good. I kind of wish my longsword felt a little bit better, I think it's a good weapon but perhaps with a footspeed build it may feel slightly better. It just seems that there are way too many better weapons to choose than longsword, but not saying it's a bad weapon. It's one of the ones that feels very well balanced though currently.

How's the feel of the combat? Too fast? Too slow? Do people die too quickly?
Too slow for my taste, you have to basically run a troll speed build to move anywhere quickly in this game, or be riding a horse. People literally just troll with speed builds throwing firepots, axes, or smokebombs and run around spamming the voice and you can't possibly catch them with slower builds. I only feel that people die to quickly in team combat, not so much in 1v1.

Does it feel too hard to fight multiple opponents?
Damn near impossible for me. Basically if you're not with a single teammate, everyone just W-keys at you spamming morphs/morph feints/ and feints until you eventually panic parry or just give up and throw the quickest attack you can. You'll either end up getting hit first or you'll just get parried by one of the 3-5+ people W-keying at you. That or one guy will have the impenetrable shield up front just blocking you entirely. If you're also in a cramped space it makes it that much worse getting backed into a wall or something.

What do you think of the mechanics? Are chambers or parries too difficult?
Those specifically, no. Mechanics work pretty solid except for the 240 system, I don't use 240 any longer; it feels bugged and doesn't feel very consistent to where I want to use it any more. Feint windows seem too large for what you can do with larger weapon animations, and since you can't double parry at all it seems unless perhaps you have a fast movement build. Unflinchable ripostes, not sure how to feel about them, i currently don't like it but I don't have another suggestion. Swings and manipulation feel good, but i think certain weapons need adjustment for how long they can drag (overall release times). Morphs are cool to have as a part of your toolset, but i have some issue with that which I'll bring up later. Clashing, I basically never know when they are about to happen but it feels pretty damn cool when it does and hopefully you're ready to keep attacking and choose the right ones. Right now though, whoever stabs first in the clash is the winner.

Have you had any memorable/notable experiences? Were they positive or negative?
I like to duel, that's basically it. I feel all team modes are trash right now because of the spammy meta and team stacking going on, which is to be expected from the ex-chivalry community. The only fun i really have is playing with some friends on voice and learning to duel, every other experience has been absolutely infuriating. I pretty much can't stand any of the TDM, SKIRMISH, or Free For All modes AT ALL. None of the team experiences currently have been enjoyable for me personally.

What do you think of the maps? How are the layouts and environment art? Any favorites?
Visually they look good, but they are too small and feel cramped/claustrophobic to where every game feels like you're playing free for all on arena (from chiv). The one map with the castle blue has a serious advantage by being able to close the doors off forcing you through a tiny corridor or to climb ladders.

Have you had any frustrating experiences?
COUNTLESS, too long of a list. Most notably tonight where every game was a team mode and every enemy single team was stacked to oblivion, constant fire/smoke/projectile trolling and endless W-keying on the noobs like me. Unfun. Then when it finally switched to Deathmatch (typically used for duel), i had a twinke of hope. But the entire server aside from a few that also wanted to duel agreed to just free for all. I finally had to just hit the quit button and decide to come here to make my first post on the forums.

If you could change one thing about the game, what would it be?
The entire meta of team combat.


  • Visually, the game looks excellent. It seems pretty well optimized, i don't get any serious lag spikes - minimal crashing.
  • I love the level of customization so far and I know more is to come.
  • Duels are pretty fun and there seems to be a nice learning curve around that and it's fun to learn to duel 1v1.
  • Horses are really fun if you get the opportunity, but there are some issues I have with them but that's the least of my worries right now.
  • Weapons seem to have nice variety especially when you can change grips and combine them with different armor sets to use for mobility or tankiness.
  • I like the UI a lot, everything seems to be placed well, nothing like in chivalry that seems visually impeding or just downright ugly, fits the overall style of the game and just looks good. Sizing is proportioned well, just a good UI overall (GJ Spooky bear).
  • The lute: a lot of people just role play with the thing, but I'm sure you devs knew that you were going to get that crowd so it gives them something to do. I hope the lute bot can handle more MIDI's from the internet in the future and sound good as opposed to me trying to learn to make songs myself. I like to lute a little on the side too.
  • I'm looking forward to the future of this game, more balance, more content, new game mode and plenty of other stuff I'm sure I can say good about this game. However, unfortunately, at this moment I don't like the current state of the game in Alpha. See Below...
  • Gore/Ragdolls: I love the new what do you call them, cut's and blows. My favorite one right now is the one where you hit the neck and it opens up like that thing from stranger things, or a pacman (whichever visual makes sense to you). Also, seeing someone hit off a horse and fly 20 feet is always entertaining and should never be discouraged.

This meta drives me up the wall, especially in team fights but even certain things in duels that make absolutely no sense to me.

  • Initiative:
    Why is it that against so many weapons, if 2 same attacks like a stab start at the same time, but the opponent does a morph does the morph hit first? I can't tell you how many times i basically just go for the stab and they morph the same stab but somehow hit before my straight up attack, makes no sense to me. It would be like in chivalry if both people had the same weapon and one feints and the other doesn't but the attack after the feint hit first... Also, weapons that hit first despite starting swing later I suppose just has to be a thing, one handers should obviously hit sooner than 2 handers but even in the same class of weapons some things just don't make sense like sometimes you can't even punish a miss because their combo is faster than your attack so you have to just wait it out for some weapons or lose stamina.

  • Feint window:
    For a lot of larger weapons, the feint window is MASSIVE. I know there are much players than me that can read them, but it's pretty hard for me. The other option is to always be swinging or chamber attempting but be ready to FTP, but you bascially always have to feint to parry in this game over and over and over again, or get into riposte drag wars and then finally use a feint or morph to get through opponents.

  • Shields:
    Pretty sure this has been brough to ad nausium; I hate how the buckler and some others basically hide the entire windup animation. That and I wish there was some way to attack around shields in general, they feel like the spartan shields were in deadliest warrior. They can be beaten 1v1 and team fights, but in team fights they are absolutely the worst when they're basically just a wall for teammates and they're played properly. Not as broken in 1v1, but definitely some kind of word in team fights.

  • Teamfight meta:
    I think it's horrible right now. Basically if you can even ever get a somewhat balanced game in a pub server of which there is usually one per NA and EU respectively, they're usually stacked. But aside from team stacking, the meta is literally the spammiest crap I've ever seen. All the people with 500-1000 plus hours literally just go in and feint/morph feint and long ass drags/instant accel every little thing to absolutely destroy players like me. Everything gets parried or chambered, and it's super hard when and 1vX situation happens. If you're not near a teammate and have 2-3 people W-keying at you, there's not much you can do aside from try to keep chambering/getting unflinchable ripostes back at them. However, it's kind of like hitting a wall because most people that are even halfway decent at the game will just parry you over and over while others swing and do manipulations at you from all sides. Stabs are obviously broken, so I can't tell you how many times i just keep scrolling the mouse up at all the stab spam incoming. I've watched players like giru and others do the 1vx very nicely, but you basically have to play at a level of perfection and have the right weapon capable of doing so in order to accomplish it. It's VERY difficult.

  • Drags/Accels:
    I like drags/accels and agree they should be a part of the game. But does every single weapon regardless of size need to have the same release time as a zweihander? Look at a maul for example, looks like a pretty small weapon visually and it also has the ability to one shot, others do as well depending on the armor. Why can it drag for what seems like an eternity and still be in release? The bigger issue I have with drags is the fact that you can drag a weapon for 1 second, but also accelerate to hit someone in like 1-2ms it seems and hide most of the windup with swing manipulation? So if you're like me and are kind of new and getting used to it, it's very hard to deal with drags and waiting for it, if on the flip coin they can also accel to a near instant hit. It makes everything feel less of a skilled reaction and more of a gamble of whether you should attempt to parry instantly or wait for a huge drag. Whether you parry or go for a chamber, it's kind of the same timing so not sure which one to attempt in those situations.

  • Animations:
    Of course experienced players and those testing will want to use this to the maximum extent. Some animations are decent and some are bad. This mostly comes with dragging and accels. With the feint window being so large, it's very easy to turn into feints and make them look like they're basically hitting you already and then cancel them late as heck. Since you can't recover from a panic parry fast enough and double parry, experienced players really exploit this a lot. Good thing or bad thing? You tell me.. Also, some of the drags look absolutely insane, but I guess I'm okay with that though, just something to get used to I guess.

  • Map design:
    I know it's still alpha and you want to test the combat and mechanics and such. As far as the maps go, i think they're kind of cramped at the moment. I don't like fighting in any enclosed kind of claustrophobic space as it is, and it's pretty bad and spammy as all hell every time. Even in the more open areas, with how many players there are it's very easy to get overwhelmed and flanked in such a small space. Feels very Free for all-y.

  • Archers:
    Oh god, here it comes. They're kind of broken I think. At first I thought shooting was a bit harder, but it's not at all. The idea IS good that you have a perk to where hopefully they want to shoot each other, but they're going to shoot at melee constantly too. The fact that they can shoot almost instantly, or STILL hold the bow draw up for what seems like 5-6 seconds with absolutely ZERO sway or impedance is infuriating. It makes trying to parry arrows that much harder because you don't know if you should parry instantly or when they're going to release it. Kind of like trying to parry a crossbow in chiv, how can you beat a mouseclicks speed? Furthermore, going back to wanting more footspeed and the only way to do so to drop armor, as a melee class you have to make a choice; have more footspeed, or not get one shot. I say this because, you can literally one shot some 2 armor with a longbow. The other issue I have with archers is that EVEN when you FINALLY get close to kill them and they're wearing cloth armor and you come at them with a huge weapon, they still don't get one-shot? Plus, they can just switch weapons instantly, and tear you apart with a dagger/shortsword/whatever just as easily as was done in chivalry. That or they will have the footspeed to simply out run you, and run away to their teammates and get away scott free; JUST LIKE IN CHIVALRY -_- . I read in another area that you WILL be increasing weapon switch time which is GOOD, but I think if you get close enough to them in melee, you should one shot them with almost any weapon. The throwing axe perk is pretty awesome as far as being able to one-shot them, when i was playing archer myself, i thought it may be more worthwhile to just be a throwing axe guy, hmm..

  • Firepots:
    HAVE to use the fire perk if anyone has fire on the other team or hopefully try to avoid firepots, full HP loss in like 4 ticks seems a bit much, even without the perk considering you can have like 3+ of them. It would be nice if archers were incapable of using the fire resistance perk though ;) I always wanted firepots to one-shot archers in chiv in the state that game is in.

  • Smokebombs:
    I believe every one knows already but jesus, they last like 30 seconds or something and have a radius and complete blinding effect as if you just walked into chernobyl after the explosion. And it's not just one of these fuckers, it's like 2-3 smokebombs per whoever wants them, you can literally blind the entire map for like half a minute it seems. I'm sure they'll get toned down. I like how they do damage if you hit someone with them though :)

  • Chasing/Target Switching:
    This seems really hard for me to accomplish in team fights. Even if you have similar armor and footspeed, if youre say in a split 2v2 where you're fighting one and they're fighting one, you can't seem to be able to get to them fast enough to help your teammate. If you do get there, you're most likely going to be the victim of a riposte/chamber switch back to you if you decide to swing, or your teammate is going to get back boned. I want to help but I can't seem to do so. In regard to chasing, the lack of any kind of chase mechanic makes those seemingly trollish speed builds infurating...

Conclusion and end of my ranting:

I'm sure there is a lot more if I thought about it, but it's late and gong to bed soon. I really want this game to be good and I feel that it will be good and that I will put thousands of hours into it. In it's current state, i think it would be thousands of hours of frustration and anguish every time I play, and my blood-pressure is certain to rise to peak levels. I don't have all or any of the answers at how my personal gripes with the game will/could be addressed - and maybe to a lot of folks here, I'm simply speaking from a lack of experience perspective.

I think some of the things that will change my outlook is the new game mode, more open maps that don't feel cramped and that you constantly have no room to breathe, and less spammy. More footwork oriented combat would be nice without having to sacrifice ALL of your tankiness (like speeding up the footspeed a little bit and toning down the already ridiculous footspeed builds). Some weapon balance would be nice, but mainly the unending stab spam going on right now, windup/release times and all that jazz. I've always kind of hated one-shot weapons, unless the weapon really has some bigger disadvantages.

I believe in the Mordhau team and that they will make a polished product that will be fun for all to play, and that's why I backed their kickstarter and will try to support in any way I can. I apologize that I had so much negative to say, but that's truly how I feel at this current moment in this patch build of the Alpha game. Of course I realize it won't always be this way, but being the way it is now, that's just how I feel man.

Clay OUT!

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  • 2 Oct '18

Good post and your point about drags is true.

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  • 19 Oct '18

@ EggzOvrEZ

That is basically my experience. I agree with all points.