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What is Mordhau?

Mordhau is an upcoming multiplayer medieval first-person fighting game with a strong emphasis on skill-based competitive play and customization. It features a deep and fluid combat system that allows those that master it to turn into an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

Check out the video below for more info.

How does the combat work?

Check out the video below or read more about it here.

Who is making this?

Mordhau is being developed by Triternion, a small international team of independent developers from Austria, Canada, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden. Most of us have a background in arts or computer science and are big fans of multiplayer slasher games, which we also play competitively.

When is Mordhau going to be released?

Currently, we are planning for a full release in 2018. Please keep in mind that this is only an estimation and it might change as we move further with development. Soon™

How can I join the alpha/beta/testing?

Unfortunately, our Kickstarter campaign has ended and there is no way to participate in the alpha testing any more. We might open up the testing in the future, but nothing is decided yet. Keep checking back for more info.

There will be no Early Access on Steam.

How much will Mordhau cost?

The price range we're currently considering is around $25-30. But we cannot promise anything just yet.

Will there be a console release?

Currently, only a PC/Steam release is planned.

What are the minimum requirements?

We plan to release the game on Steam and initially support Windows only. Mordhau runs on Unreal Engine 4. It is too early to provide minimum requirements, but if you can run modern titles you will be fine.

Will you support Linux?

Right now, we are focusing on Windows only.

Will there be modding support?

Yes, we have plans for mod support and believe mods are an important part of PC games.

Will you be able to change the FOV?

Yes, but there will be a FOV cap. Probably around 130.

What are the game modes and what is the max player count?

Besides regular game modes such as FFA and TDM, there will be a duel game mode and a "main" game mode which we have not revealed yet. We want the game to be playable from 16-64 players.

Will there be singleplayer?

We have no plans for a singleplayer campaign, as this would take quite a bit of development time. We might have smaller singleplayer modes where you can play against bots and practice by yourself.

Will there be third person camera?

There will be a "balanced" third person camera, and we will be testing it in the alpha to see if it works out.

Will there be reverse strikes?

No. We have tested the combat system for a long time to ensure that you cannot exploit the real time swings in this manner.

Is there going to be mouse-dragging?

Yes, but that's a good thing. See this topic for more info.

Will there be a dodge mechanic?

No. In Mordhau you can dodge strikes using regular movement only.

Will there be pommel throwing?

Yes. :)

Can I turn off gore?

Yes, there's going to be a setting to turn it off.

Will there be voice commands or VOIP?

Yes, there will be voice commands. As of right now, we have no plans for VOIP, but that might change. If we ever implement VOIP it will be proximity based.

Will there be customization and female characters?

There will be a lot of customization. You will be able to customize weapons, armor and your own character's appearance. We want the players to be able to make any warrior they want. And yes, there will be female characters.

Will there be progression?

Yes, there will be some kind of level system that allows you to unlock weapons and customization items.

Do you guys aim for full realism?

We are big fans of HEMA, but for the sake of gameplay we will not follow it exactly. We want to make the game as believable as possible without sacrificing fun. For example, wearing a helmet will not obstruct your vision, but it will give you more head protection.

What is the setting and time period of Mordhau?

We do not want to limit the time period to a specific century, since we want players to be able to create the medieval warrior they want and have a lot of flexibility. You can expect vikings, knights and even late medieval gear such as landsknechte. In the future we might also have eastern armory.

When is the next development blog coming out?

We actually don't know yet, but we can keep you updated if you signup for the newsletter. Probably Soon™

How do I give you guys money?

There is no way to support us monetarily at the moment.

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I have more questions!

Let us know, and we'll do our best to answer in the forums.

You can also check out this interview with Marox, the project lead:

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