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this is why Bernie Sanders always references Denmark or wherever you're from smoking

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gore is very high priority especially in a game like mordhau. killing should be satisfying af so the combat feels good, a 2D blood particle won't do, im talking bout sof2 like gore, blood stains on clothing, chunks, animated blood pools, 3D wounds, blood streams and physical blood spilling, ragdolls that twitch and have weight to them. some of you guys are gonna say that shit like getting the game on kickstarter and bla bla is more important, no. These are small but important details, killing should be rewarding. We should see the damage we have done.

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  • 12 Jan
 crushed — Art

There are no height changes and hitboxes stay the same regardless of male or female. Same goes for the body customization.

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  • 11 Jan
 marox — Project Lead

There is a neutral stance, we just don't switch to it automatically anymore on disarms and switch to fists instead, which is basically a "weapon". You can switch to it manually though with 0.

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  • 10 Jan


I think this game looks very promising and only have a small suggestion about animations. A pet peeve of mine that I've seen in some other games.

When sheathing a weapon or changing to your fists I think it would look better if the player adopted a "neutral pose" like they do in mount and blade or jedi knight, instead of the exaggerated boxing pose that you can't get out of like in chivalry. In Chivalry the weapon animations poses looked less threatening and aggressive then the unarmed pose. It should really be the other way around as many players unequip their weapons to signal that they are not a threat to you and it looks odd if there are 10 players out of combat but looking like they are in combat.

I haven't seen what it looks like in Mordhau but incase it looks anything like it does in Chivalry I thought I should mention it.

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who the fuck are you?
I mean welcome to the forums, have a slow and cruel death in the hands of waiting.

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guys come on, stop.

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By the way vanguard im heading to brazil tomorrow. Im going to be staying near Florianopolis for two months for this academy, but i also have a lay over in Sao Paulo. Maybe we can meet up.

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  • 6 Jan

I disagree, a fighting style is more influenced by it's user's comfort and abilities than efficiency

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Some other things:

-It doesn't have to be a 3d wound. 2d is great too if it looks decent.

-Adding to what carl said, it would be nice if ragdolls would have different starting speeds depending on the weapon and type of atack. So if some guy gets killed by a dagger thrust, he would just fall. But if the finishing blow would be let's say a maul swing, the guy would be flung to the side with great force.

  • Smokingbobs makes some quallity memes.
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 crushed — Art

Big weapons have more ragdoll force then smaller weapons. Ragdoll force is also a bit randomized so that you do not get the same ragdoll everytime. The more damage something does, the less chance for a death animation since they feel bad compared to ragdolls on high damage/slow windup weapons such as the sledgehammer. Kills by leg hits force a ragdoll everytime.

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  • 3 Jan

@Smokingbobs said:
Sell the idea to another developer for cash money.

Inb4 a new For Honor cause the dev realises how much work a detailed combat system like this would be and sells out to a publisher.

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  • 2 Jan
 marox — Project Lead

Better graphics, and we added cats. Were we filming? Maybe.


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  • 30 Dec '16
 Grator — Art

That's interesting, thanks for sharing

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  • 31 Dec '16

Founder's Guild forum contest #2
In the spirit of promoting the Founder's Guild, I announce the Founder's Guild forum contest #2 "Make a parody fighting GIF about founder's guild forums members in Mordhau!"

The rules are simple, the contest is about gifs that are representations of various founder's guild forum members, submissions have to be "serious" and have some work put into them. Video submissions are also accepted. Attempt to keep cancer to a minimum. Submissions must have title of submission as the first message, and by "yourname" under the submission. Limit 3 submissions per user up to 3 submissions per post but must be continuations of the same submission in that post, submissions can be changed at anytime prior to the final "vote" date. Voting will begin Jan 30, 2016. All rules subject to change.

First place prize is $10 USD via paypal
Second and third place prize is $5 USD via paypal

If there aren't enough contestants or submissions with "work", only first place will be handed out.

Prizes subject to change.

Easy online site to add pictures to a gif for users that need help:

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  • 27 Dec '16
 marox — Project Lead

We did it! Or, well, you did! Mordhau wins the IndieDB #1 upcoming player choice award. So now we got both, Editor and Player Choice :) And it wouldn't be possible without your support -- thanks everyone!

Players Choice Best Upcoming Indie 2016

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  • 23 Dec '16

Can't find a better thread title.

Something neat that i often see in shows and more rarely in games is when two fighters are very close to each other, they cross blades at the hilt and mutualy push each other.

Would be nice to see that when parrying and/or chambering a face hugger.
(What is the current way to counter face hugging atm?)