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quickly Lazy, remind yourself of Bruce Lee, Arnold Schwarzenegger, freedom, and guns!

Schwarzenegger made it a bit worse but the rest of those things fixed it

thanks furst


Česká zbrojovka fixes everything.

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Here's a small collection of screenshots that you probably haven't seen.

Med armor knight.jpg

Med armor pants.jpg

Wooden chest.jpg

Mordhau ballista.jpg

Mordhau wooden roof.jpg

Mordhau brick.jpg

Viking helm.jpg


Heater shield.jpg

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And so after a year and a half of loyal service my quarterstaff may now rest in peace (or at least the chunk that got broken)
A minute of silence



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BTW in CompMod (mod for Chivalry) we have it so when you hit a teammate, you get flinched and they take damage. This seems like a decent option for competetive play but I'm not sure how well it works in pubs.

Even in competitive most teamhits are unintentional, but even the intentional ones I don't think you should get rewarded for. It's really hard for the opponent to see your attack if it is hidden behind your teammate, and it rewards players for not being precise.

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All I remember from Deadliest Warriors is that a Pirate can shoot a Spartan in the head and he'll live, whereas if the pirate takes a thrown spear to the leg he'll die. I also remember killing a guy by throwing my pistol at him.

There's a good compromise: Have firearms in Mordhau, but no ammo. You can swing it to bludgeon them to death, or throw it with the alternate fire.

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But isn't it also a more legit tactic to...
you know...
Not kill your teammates?

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 crushed — Art

They will stop your attack and take damage. The reason behind it is so you cant abuse hitting trough your teammates to kill an enemy.

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 crushed — Art

Flinching yourself with teamhits won't happen. Swings will probably not be able to pass trough teammates.

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@Jax said:
Maybe 50-75% with the weapon bouncing, that way you don't get the hit on your target and don't OHK the guy on your team

das wot i sed tho

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@Grator said:

No, that's a poled flail

Oh you are right!! I had to zoom to appreciate it, poor knight if he gets hit with such a swing. COUGHCOUGHFLAILSPLSCOUGH
Damn cold.

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What makes you think that capitalism could cause a nuclear holocaust? Stalin wasn't even dumb enough to do something like that. Any sane person, capitalist, communist, fascist, or anarchist would understand that if they detonate any nuclear weapon as an act of war, in a matter of hours, the entire northern hemisphere would evaporate.

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I watched the whole video and I gotta say negative taxes make a lot of sense. Certainly a lot more sense than welfare.

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@ToLazy4Name said:
ye, it's becoming a frighteningly common occurrence these days for people to just up 'n' dox someone for saying something they don't like. Quite a common tactic from the left tbh. Oh, you think BLM isn't a very nice group or that universal healthcare is dumb or something like that? Here, let me post all of your public information and try to get you fired from your job. Hell yeah cool people my dudes

which is why everyone should take a lesson from Lazy and stop posting their personal information online for vindictive idiots and government goons to take advantage of.

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'Listen Servers', by default, can only be seen by your steam friends and if all them are on the same city/country they have much better pings than in any official server, a part that the fun level is much MUCH higher without random players. You who haven't tried should have to, with friends. There are tweaks that can make them public, but I'm not interested in those.

Setting a real dedicated server is troublesome just for having some fun from time to time.

And I never said 3rd cam for playing, I do NOT like it, never, what I said was make it optional for death cam only :(

And For Honor is not hosted by players, what I saw in the beta is that it was hosted by ubisoft servers, horrible connection issues.


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i don't eat vegetables since i'm not a rabbit


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More to the right this time.


If you're anywhere INSIDE the grid you are not extreme enough and therefore a commie.