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Spook is cute Canadian underwear model

Marox designs AI for the Slovenian military

Elweaboo is an aspiring actor

Crush hunts kebab for $100 per kill

Neo is one of Marox's AI

Grator literally does nothing except sleep, like all Spaniards or whatever he is

The rest are unknown tbh

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  • 9 Jan

Racism and vile insults during battles in the chat help make this game historically accurate

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Think it is more about Roshawn imho

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  • 22 Dec '16

@Doggo said:
What's satire?
Anyways, I want equal rights, and it starts here by debating on a game's forum with biggoted trump supporter teens.

Are people actually falling for this bait???

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  • 12 Dec '16

Captain Gaymer.png

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  • 17 Dec '16

@Havoc said:

@Showmae_R4nger said:
i'm gay

I'm Havoc

What's the difference?

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  • 17 Dec '16

@Jax said:
but emerald, the archer's paradox

all arrows are a little bit gay, even if only for a moment

True true but it's just a phase

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  • 17 Dec '16

but emerald, the archer's paradox

all arrows are a little bit gay, even if only for a moment

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  • 20 Nov '16

Mordhau is 18+ sry bye

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  • 4 Nov '16

The Souls franchise is easily the most overrated franchise in the last decade. Games are horrible. Really not much RPG about it, it's super linear and repetetive. The fighting system is clunky and unresponsive, and it is not hard in a way that the game actually has intelligent AI or requires planning in any way. What makes it "hard" is again, the clunky combat. All Bosses are pretty much the same, you just roll arround until they are in their "vulnurable" phase, and then attack the shit out of them until they start swinging again. Repeat that for some minutes and you've got all your bossfights in a nutshell. Normal enemies are really just boring trash that are just there for the sake of being there. They serve no purpose other than keeping the player busy between the bosses. Infact, all Souls games are exactly the same. Merely a reskin of one another, with somewhat updated graphics. They play the same otherwise. The whole franchise really is targetet towards children that heard stories about "hard games" from their older siblings / parents. They want to be part of that aswell but fail to realize that games back then weren't hard in a frustrating way, but in a challenging one.

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  • 1 Oct '16

@Plebican said:
help pepe.png

Goddamn burgers and their moon letters, THIS is how you write up the time:


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  • 25 Sep '16

@Survii said:


Here let me fix that for you


*all words, especially laughter, are to be read in Deadliest Warrior Samurai voice.