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@ApatheticDeity said:
i wouldnt say hottest girl in town their are a lot of hot girls out their.
and im an associate biologist at a research, so judgeing by your posts im probably smarter than you.

Judging by your posts, you didn't do so hot in English class.

not saying that Reborn ain't an idiot but y'know

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chiv community.jpg

this whole thread

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and is it just me or does reborn look like the poster boy for fuckboys everywhere

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@RebornChief said:

holy fuck I am beyond triggered at this absolute faggotry

this is gonna be the second thread i've ever unsubscribed from, kill me

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Screw Roshawn, RebornChief is the new shitstain meme on thia forum, Kek.

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are you talking about like hitting the ceiling or an actual physical amount large enough to make a pancake what the fuck're you on about m8

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@Corsario said:

I didn't know they had color cameras back in medieval times!

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Nope they only had black and white cameras...

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@marox said:
Better graphics, and we added cats. Were we filming? Maybe.


dodge cat loadout soon? yes? okay good thanks

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@Sammy said:
Can you all stop sucking Lazy's asshole and giving him likes for shit that would get none if anyone else posted it, cunts.

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 elwebbaro — Art

Our quivers will be hip mounted.

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Hello all,

Just a simple suggestion.

Most of media will portray quivers for Archers being on their back, and while these did indeed exist, the most common way arrows were transported in medieval europe (and most cultures) was to have the quiver on your hip or to even simply just have your belt holding the arrows without a quiver.






These last 3 pics show the english-style arrow-bag, what was used for a quiver at the time by the longbowmen.

I think this placement of the quiver would be good for authenticity, and might even make animations easier. Animations for grabbing an arrow from your back are awkward looking, as is the real life practice of doing so (hence the fact that many historians believe back-quivers are a modern invention). It is much more comfortable and natural to have your arrows about your hips and leaves room on your back to put a shield or something.

Anyway, nothing major. Just something I hope your artists consider.

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Backstabbing with a maul is very skilled imho

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Last I chatted with a dev about this, a general mechanic we discussed was for it to be kinda similar to mount and blades system in that it becomes harder to hit your mark the longer you hold the bow back, with there being a sweet spot where accuracy is best. The difference from mount and blade though would be to remove the rdm factor with sway instead. When you draw the bow, there would be a moment where your aim was rock solid and then it would quickly sway due to arm strain, getting worse and worse until you let your draw down. The peculiar part is that the arrow would always go where the bow is pointing, removing rdm, but it gets much more impractical to shoot held shots. Now if an archer was skilled enough he could effectively feint a shot with the timing of the draw sweet spot to bait a parry, but still make the shot afterwards if he controls the sway properly. I believe this would add a whole new dynamic of manipulation similar to what we are seeing with the melee and make archery just as skill based in that you can use mechanics to get past the enemy defenses