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Le bastonneur d'anus

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El Comando Impotento

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300+ posts but noone remembers you

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A zombie that can't die but probably should.


@arr0wmanc3r said:
You're a sorry excuse for a bundle of soggy dick waffles. I hope your parents' house gets painted olive taupe by blind people and their car gets keyed by nazis with Parkinson's.


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Every avatar change represents his new boyfriend

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400 players in vanilla MP for Bannerlord tbh

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You also need to bare in mind what the game is being made for, EvE online level of huge certainly isn't what it is. I'd be down for 200 player sieges.

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@afiNity said:

@afiNity said:
Can someone explain to me how this benefits big player battles?

This was a serious question btw

(still waitin)

Better servers means more resilience to latency means higher player count limit. Also amazon is huge so essentially you can keep infinitely expanding your servers capabilities buy renting more and more servers from amazons massive and ever expanding server farm.

You could probably even link all the servers to make one massive server similar to EVE onlines.

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The movies were good. The 2016 animu is the bad one.

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@Sammy said:
Why is Roshawn linking the bad version of Berzerk?

He isn't.

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Why is Roshawn linking the bad version of Berzerk?

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aaand he's back

hi roshawn

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Glad to have you back Roshawn.

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@TheDankestMeme said:


This is why you are The Dankest Meme

I concede

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Your quote game is weak, my friend.

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 Humble Staff

Soon to be dead, too old to even clean his ass after taking a dump.

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Not gonna lie adding archers isn't realistic smh
Archers are a social construct of modern culture

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Mediocre ambient music I made in what seems like ages ago:

Really wish I could turn off Soundcloud's autoplay. It's incredibly annoying. Oh btw Emerald - when I was looking at your video early in the morning yesterday I swear I legit hallucinated the Emerald archer moving around on the screen.

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not my style but its good gattsu