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getteth rekt m'lords

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@SirZombiethe3rd said:

They're the same thing imho

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@SirZombiethe3rd said:

Wat if

Alrdy ded?

You lose monobrow status in a figurative second death

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To actually give my opinion on this,

From speaking to the devs they aim to make every weapon in the game equally viable in its own ways (some weapons being superior but taking more space in your inventory, like spear vs arming sword).

This includes archery and stuff. You must remember roshawn, being lightly armored will give you the ability to carry more equipment or spend perk points on buffs. So this means lightly armored fighters will likely be armed to the teeth with throwables and shields to make up for their lack of armor. They are also trying to come up with a perk tree that gives you some kind of offensive buffs, which would obviously not be utilized when someone has all their points spent in Defense for plate armor (this tree and its details are not really known atm, still in spitballing stage).

And about MAA being completely neglected, Mason MAA is in the game already lol

This is obviously disregarding the fact that a MAA is actually a knight who was not officially knighted, and would be well armed and armored like a knight. The MAA in chivalry is closer to a "Footman" which oddly enough fits his style better anyway. I dont know why they chose to name it MAA.

A Footman was your average soldier. Not rich enough to afford heavy armor.

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@roshawnmarcellterrell said
In short I think emerald archer who actually makes and shoots his own bows should be playing right now giving you guys feedback on the bow play


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@Havoc said:
We're all going to die. Some sooner than others. And there is nothing in the beyond. No Heaven. No Hell. No Dreams. No Existence. Nothing.

Inb4 I get replaced by TheBlackBowman

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@TheEmeraldArcher said:

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Whats this meme

Only those whom are enlightened shall understand my son

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TITLE: The Messer


Created by TheEmeraldArcher, Submitted by TheEmeraldArcher

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Agatha lore is cool imo

Heavily based off of King Richard's crusaders. They go off to fight the crusades and come back to see their country taken over by the masons. Driven by honor and loyalty they fight to retake their homeland for the king.

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Assuming I only have to win 1 battle,

1) Siege's Suicide Bombing Camel Cavalry. 1 crazy mofo defending his land > any kind of space-magic cuckery tbh

2) The Cancer Enhancers used as elite ranged units / snipers. They will be deployed along the flanks of a battle, concealing themselves and shooting into the enemy's sides while targeting their necromancers and other important forces.

3) Jax's Mordhau Marines used as grunt field troops because they have moar boolet and do real good, son.

If I have to regulate this force and keep it in good condition, I would just swap out the Suicide Bombing Camel Cavalry for...

Tim's Yodeling BAZUSOS because each one will be able to HIT 30 MEN WITH HIS AXE

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@Etrius said:

@marox said:
Better graphics, and we added cats. Were we filming? Maybe.



Shut up fgt

Hide your cat Murux, Etrius thinks the damn thing's another furry.

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@Sammy said:
Rename the thread "Come here to suck Emerald's arrowhead cock".

My arrows have yard-long shafts if you know what I mean

You know you like it you fgt cunt.

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@Ranten said:
Title: Roshawn deflects an arrow



"""Not even trying to win"""

This was an old prototype arrowhead.

Work on the nuclear warhead NASA-rocket loominarty head is moving along well.

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@Carlo_Mano said:

Kys this is blasphemy

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@Sammy said:
Estimated viewers: 1.

His name is, Roshawn.

Actually 2.

The girl's name is reborn

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If someone makes one about me I'll try and make one about you

Qualifier is you have to have a meme about you, like Tim and his spears

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