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i'm suprised to see Africa is pretty ok in the far north

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@vanguard said:
You make me sad Mr Lazy, I thought you loved me man why u do this

But yeah, I think this forums has far too many spectators, we need more people saying things! Come on guys whats the worse it could happen tbh, everyday I see at least 10 new people joining, and yet there is always the same fuckos that post

Spectators EVERYWHERE come on be part of this... thing! Bring new ideas etc

98% o the site doesnt even post one time

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implying i wont be reincarnated as a majestic buffalo

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how do u 3d print horse dildo

bad dragon going out of business boyz

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I have a very limited social life but yes i do venture from my house every now and then

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EOD always was the shittiest armor despite being the 2nd hardest to get

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this counts r-right?

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^ the real cancer of smurfing is in comp games like CSGO and OW when people decide to make a new acc to rekt noobs because they want ez win

but still nothing can really be done but reporting suspected players

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how long a sentence is that

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I haven't been on the forums because I realized there wasn't much else to talk about or reasonably suggest to devs. So I just decided to wait till kickstarter comes.

Though after thinking about it in a conversation with Arby, there is one last idea I have that I think is reasonable and is likely to improve the development of Mordhau.

I think the people behind the development of Mordhau should all come from very different ethnicities, in order to represent the interests of the wide variety of different players with different ethnicities.

I could be wrong but I get the feeling that most of the dev team are all white, and all sorta have the same race. Which can cause tunnel vision neglecting other ethinicities.

There should be people that are purely caucasian, asian, hispanic, and nigger giving direct feedback to you guys on the game.

It especially seems like the asian and niggers are being neglected.

In short I think emerald archer who is actually black should be playing right now giving you guys feedback on the bow play.

And i think someone like hadeus who is asian should be playing giving you guys feedback on how well his race fits into the game.

This is particularly important to do this as early as possible in the development, as the early the better.

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i have yet to see rogue one

i'm probably going to look up all the darth vader parts when its out on the internet and close it

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@Valmirius said:

@CaptainGaymer said:

@Valmirius said:
That Brittany Herring's profile is about as ghetto as it gets:



Could someone please translate the above?

it's not that hard to figure out man.

"Court in the morning, start work on Tuesday, let's go"

I meant the ghetto emoticons and what they are meant to convey in this context you goddamn mixed race booty apologist.

haha my bad fam :skin-tone-1:

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i thought she was ok

disney copypasting IV and putting new characters =/= good film

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