Potential Kickstarter goal: Art/Level design devs travel to Jerusalem

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  • 23 Dec '16

Pay for the devs to travel to jerusalem so they can make an acurate Jerusalem Mordhau map. You know you want it.

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  • 23 Dec '16


You're missing a "G"

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  • 23 Dec '16

I liek the travel idea but Jerusalem wouldn't be my first choice for a destination. A trip through Europe would be more insteresting.

Guédelon caslte in France for instance. It has been built in modern times but only with ancient technique

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  • 23 Dec '16

While this sounds very nice, I'm pretty sure there are better investment options.

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  • 23 Dec '16

We can send them pictures from google instead

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Yes, go to the home of the lizards and eradicate them.

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  • 2 Jan

This kind of stretch goal would mostly serve to delay the game's development rather than enhance it.